Have you heard that Upwork is now trading as a public stock on the Nasdaq (under the UPWK ticker).

Upwork says it will remain committed to delivering high quality service to help its customers grow their businesses.

Knowing Upwork is one of the platforms that employs freelancers, please can someone explain what are the implications?

How these changes are going to affect Upwork's relationship with freelancers?.

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ZEGU Premium
Hi, Israel, many thanks for the resources.
They will keep me busy:)
All the best for your projects.
Noteboom Premium
Personally, I think it will no have an effect. I have had a great experience of it but of course, it is always a little luck how quick you find a person.
But I still have not seen anything which changes it. Their method has let them be successful and it would be crazy to change it even so they are taken this step.
But of course, you never know!
ZEGU Premium
Thanks so much, Jóhann, for clarifying this.
It seems a good platform to do some freelancing jobs.
Scotso11 Premium
Never heard of “Upwork” what does this company do? 🤔
Merazmi Premium
Upwork is a freelance site. It's same as Freelancer and Fiverr. If you have some skills in writing, coding, translating, etc, you can try these freelance platform and make money from it. :)
ExpatMark Premium
Never heard of it, but have used Fiverr. Will check it out. Thanks.
MKearns Premium
If the profits rise the differences should be no problem. Upworkhasa better relationship than Fiverr in my view!
ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Mike, for the clarifying.