Hey Kyle, I want to make sure that I follow the guide lines and not get into any trouble. Is it possible to own a Domain and help create multiple business sites? Where the business owner pays me for creating and up keeping their online.com.

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MarionBlack Premium
Your business idea could be viable, Michael. Each website requires its own domain name and hosting. You can have up to 10 websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.

But start at the beginning and learn step-by-step.
AbieAJ Premium
You business affairs are yours. You are allowed up to 10 domains. I don't fully understand your question, don't think you can create domains to your clients within here.

Please elaborate on this Online . com thing, thanks
Gonzalezmi1 Premium
So as an example, lets say I wanted to created a site that supports local business. Yes, they have their website already but through my site, I would have different businesses in their set category.
Um.. like.. In one category ( Local Foods ) would have 5 businesses. There would be a post of the different businesses and once they decide to go with - lets say - ( Mike's Pizza ) would drive them to their site to order. It's basically the same thing I'm doing but instead of promoting a product and getting paid for it. The business is paying me to have their site on mine.
AbieAJ Premium
Right, how you operate your business is totally up to you, however, you could always add a blog to that site, and run affiliate marketing if you so wish. Keep in mind, with AM, your work can keep paying you off for years to come.