For those of you who are already doing this, or are about to, how do you recommend setting up domain to use only for digital products and/or funnels?

I have a few urls that I can use to create a folder, create pages for the digital download and add to my FTP, to keep separate from website content.

Is this a standard way?
Anyone have a different or more direct way (less steps)?


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ChigsGohel Premium
Which FTP do you use Rudy?
I use Filezilla.
@Triblu has given the spot on answer

1Rudy1 Premium
Yep, me too....I became familiar with it when I was learning code. We set up our assignments that way...grin.
Triblu Premium
Hey Rudy,

Regarding my personal preferences with supplying ANY digital product from a website, I makes sure the digital product is stored on the same server as the website.

In this way, all files pertaining to that website stay with that website and do NOT depend on any other site remaining online.

You can place your digital products in a separate folder within the site you want to offer the link from. Then simply disallow robots from indexing that folder.

Hope you find this helpful.
1Rudy1 Premium
Thanks, Triblu!

I thought about that, and since my url is here, that coincides with webiste. Perfect!

And yes, disallow those robots...grin.