Guys, I need some help.

I have run a website for a few years with the Amazon assoiate program and earning enough extra money for me every month.

And on 1 Apr, I found that my account has been terminated by Amazon because i didn't reply to their email on 20 Mar which needs me to reply to them about serval question how I refer the customer to my site.

To be honest, i got heaps of unread emails in my mail box and just overlooked it....i know it's my fault actually, so i have submitted the Close Account Appeal immediately.

A day later, they just replied to me that I could not refer 3 qualified sales in the first 180 days, and my account was closed! That's totally not true.
I joined Amazon Associate in Oct 2016 and got enough sales in the first 3 months and they approved my application in Jan 2017.

I keep emailing them but they insist that my account was banned and it's their final decision and asks me to remove all the affiliate links in my site.

I am really sad and as well as angry that they banned my account without a proper reason. And i got over thousand of affiliate links in my site, how could I remove all? It just makes a headache for me now....

If they close my account with some other reasons that should be fine if i really break their rules. But it's NOT as i already met the 180days policy~

Anyone here can tell what could I do now to save my account and site?

I would highly appreciate for all your advice. Thanks

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - it seems as though you have reached the end of the road as regards Amazon. If they have given a final decision, you cannot take it any further.

They are allowed to audit your site at any time, even after you have met the initial target. It would appear that something has caught their attention, which is why they emailed you about it.

By not responding to their email, it will have raised further suspicion about your account. Your affiliate links will no longer work, so as painful as it may be, you will have to remove them.

I suggest you look for other affiliate programs which offer similar products, and perhaps join several. It is not wise to just rely on one source of income, as you have found to your cost.
TheCatherine Premium
Amazon dont need a proper reason they own the company.

Try the above