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Hello wonderful people.When I first started here my blogs and reviews were showing I was new and inexperienced. I have often wondered if I should go back and re work them? Now I have learned to use the block editor, my new posts have a table of contents and buttons which makes them look more professional.I had the weekend off and felt much better for it. All I did on here was a few emails. My focus has returned now and I have lots of new ideas. Thank you all very much for your great advice.Ha
November 07, 2020
Hello wonderful WA family.I Hope you are well?I have lost my focus, my mojo, my subject has become so blurry it doesn’t seem to make sense any more.Why is this happening? I had a plan, it has been followed more or less to the letter, a little flexibility here and there to make things interesting. Now though I cannot see the wood for the trees and I feel like I’m drowning.The Niche, Health and Wellness. Millions of topics to write about, a never ending supply of subject matter you wo
Hello, wonderful WA family.I hope this finds you well?I am not technical in any way, shape or form.I'n fact I find it so difficult, I can't look thingsup because I don't know what they arecalled?I wanted a sign up form.I joined A Weber, followed the instructionsand made the form. Followed the tutorialto add it to my site, Computer said No.I asked in the classroom, followed differentsuggestions, Computer said No.Then I spoke to a few people in chat, @ChrystopherJsaid add the forminator plugin. D
November 04, 2020
Hello everybody on this new exciting platform.I hope you are all well?Just clicked on the grey G and 2 changed colourto say the posts have been found by Google.I'm still trying to find my way around and todecide whether to upgrade or not.I'm like a lot of oldies in as much as i don't like change.I just got used to it and now it's all different, i will get there.I do like the fresh new looking platform.Going to leave you with this quote:"Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It's
Hello my wonderful WA family.I hope this finds you well?Wanted to share with you that it is true thatthings change from the 6 month mark.One thing i have learned to do a screen shoton the computer as well as the ipad. GO Me :-)As i have only just learned this, I cannot show youthe figures from the previous months. :-(One thing i can assure you my stats were prettynon existent. Hardly any visitors/traffic at all.Now at the 6 months and 17 days mark thishas happenend.And This :Sharing things on s
Hello all of you wonderful people.Yes i'm talking to you :-)I am so excited to share with youmy first ever page1 position 1 Google post.This has me even more excited to write more reviews.It is a fantastic motivator :-)I Have lots of other posts in position 1 on bingand yahoo. Google has finally put one of my review posts in position 1 page 1. Hoping for lots more to come.Post consistently and it will happen for you.Happy Hump Day.One of my favourite quotes, hope you like it.Have a great Day.Li
October 27, 2020
Hello All of you wonderful peopleYes i am talking to you :-)I hope that you are well?Just a quick post today.Google is finally catching up, I have had 7 posts Indexed today.Some of them have been waiting there for3 or 4 weeks.One that was only published yesterday was indexedToday as well.It's a great feeling to be back on track with the big G.Hoping the same is happening for you.Stay safe and be very productive.Lisa :-)
Hello All Of You Woberful People.Yes I Am Talking To You.Are you well?Saturday evening we had no TV signal, so Istarted watching Jays training on the blockeditor. Went to bed at 01.30. I am not a morningperson and dont normally get up till 10 on a Sunday.This morning i was so excited about using the blockeditor, I was up at 08.30.Managed to put a few posts into blocks, added a few CTAbuttons to a few reviews and make pros and cons columnin one as well.Im feeling so pleased with myself as techno
October 23, 2020
Hello All of you wonderful people I hope you are well?I wish to say thanks to Kyle andCarsonFor the wealthy Affiliate platform.My site is just over 6 moths old.The traffic to my site is growing because of the excellent training we have here. I have followed The formula laid out and it’s paying off in spades.My traffic is growing daily by following the training and writing consistently to my siteGoogle, Bing and Yahoo are placing me in excellent Positions.This is what we are here for.Stay
October 22, 2020
Hello All of you wonderful people.Yes I'm talking to You.I hope this finds you all well?Writing this today to give some of you a bit of a boost.I have been here for just over 7 months, when i firststarted it took me days to write one post for my siteand the post was less than a 1000 words long.Now i can do a 2000 word review in about 5 hours.Publishing 2 to 3 times a week has made this possible.I know google is updating its system and blogs aretaking ages to be indexed, I have 6 waiting and 3co