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Hello WA family on this fine sunny Saturday morning, I Hope you are all safe and well?What do you consider to be your biggest real estate? Is it your website, is it your WA blog, is it Social Media, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?For me the answer is not straight forward, in the beginning of my online journey I believed it was my website and in the long term that is definitely going to be the case.In the short term, the biggest and best real estate we have is our WA blog, do I hear y
November 26, 2020
Hello wonderful WA family.I hope you are all well?Just a short post today. I have been checking my stats and i Have a sea of green dots.I have been working hard to optimize my images and this was the result :Before changing a few things around I had quite a few orange dots on the mobile speeds.Checking your website speed is something you should do on a regular basis for better rankings with the search engines.I'm going to leave you with this quote :“If you look to others for fulfillment,
November 22, 2020
Hello wonderful WA Family.Hope you are feeling well?I took the day off again today and feel fully recovered now. (Thank goodness)Just a very short post today. was scrolling through the home page commenting on some posts, welcoming premium members and then I came across my stats :I'm not doing the make money online Niche at the moment, But i do share posts on Facebook, Linked in and Pinterest with my affiliate link in. Also on my learn more button on FaceBook is the WA join link. You just don't
Hello wonderful WA familyI hope you are all well? I'm happy to say i'm feeling so much better today.I took the day off today, went out for lunch with the husband, spent the afternoon with 2 of the grandchildren.This evening I finished a review and published it. Shared it on Facebook and Pinterest.Anyhow, back to the title. If you are thinking does this work? How does it all change after the 6 month mark when google trusts you more? I'm just going to share some screen shots with you.7 days ago m
Hello wonderful WA family.I hope you are all well. I'm still suffering from my cold, getting better slowly. Took a day off from the day job today and slept for a while.Before sleeping i was tinkering around on Google, putting in some of my post titles. some i found somewhere on the first 10 pages. they are moving forward slowly as i'm adding more content and my site is getting older.Then I came to this title "Mastering Stress Naturally Review"It is on page 1 position 1 on Google, Well you could
Hello wonderfully supportive WA family.I hope you are all well?Me, I'm full of cold and feeling pretty awful. Still, my work here is not done for the day. I slept for 4 hours this afternoon and feel a bit better for it.Any how back to the title " how to deal with your own self -doubt and outside negativity". I'm a bubbly self confidant person on the outside, but I have self-doubt, sometimes I get up and think why am I doing this ? It's not going to work. Why will people look at my work when the
November 16, 2020
Hello wonderful supportive WA family.I hope you are all well?If you have been following me for a while, or have read the blurb on my profile, you will know I work part time. I have a husband, one of our 4 daughters and our 3 and a half year old granddaughter live here with us since July. I set a goal to get two 100,000 words at the 7 month mark. That was 2 days ago. I'm happy to say I have now done it. " 100,088 Your all-time words written. And more than 99% of WA Members this month "Going to l
November 14, 2020
Hello Wonderful WA family, I hope this finds you well?Today My site is 7 months old. As has been my tradition, I have given you all a monthly progress report. Starting off with my disappointment of this week, It's the only goal that I thought I would smash and I have not made it. I should have been on over 100,000 words but life threw me a curve ball and it was not possible for me to write any posts for nearly a week. I have only managed 1. My word count is :There are that is 3 behind target no
November 12, 2020
Hello wonderfully supportive WA family.I hope you are all well.Managed to get some sleep Yay, feeling a bit more human now. Life takes over and can knock you for 6 as has been the case for the last week. So far this morning I have written the titles for 7 new post ideas and dealt with 100 emails.Then I came to look at the site comments that have been received. Oh Deary Me. Going to share my dillemma with you All.Subject blood pressure review.Comment 1 : "Thank you a million times for this great
Hello wonderful WA family. I hope this finds you all well? First of all Happy Veterans Day. Thank you very much for your service.On Sunday evening was given some very bad news, that is going to take a long time to come to terms with. Made us not be able to sleep for the last few nights. Feeling very tired and not able to concentrate on anything for very long. We will get through this in time.Not managed to write anything for my site for nearly a week now. Hoping to sleep better tonight so I ca