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December 11, 2020
Hello Wonderful People, I hope you are all staying well?I'm so excited I finally figured it out, I have been struggling for about a month with how to put a form on my website pages. I have asked the community in chat and had some great answers, Previously to that I asked in the classroom and got more great answers. Watched YouTube videos and followed along.Built 3 different forms, from different plugins all good there. The missing link each time was how to put them on the site. Contacted Aweber
Hello wonderful WAFamily, I hope you are all well?Just a short post today.Why keeping things in perspective are important. 15 years ago my sister had cancer of the tongue, after extensive surgery and radiotherapy sessions she was okay, she had regular checks and after 5 years she was given the all clear. Spoke to her a few days ago, she has just had a biopsy taken from a lump on her neck behind her ear. Anxiously waiting for the results. Fingers crossed it’s all okay.Over the last month o
Hello Wonderful WA family, I hope you are all well?I have a dilemma at the moment that I would appreciate your advice on, don’t worry it is WA related. Built a site in April, worked hard to get 90 posts published on it. Now just can’t think of anything to write about and not much enthusiasm for it either ( obviously that’s not helping) subject health and wellness.The Black Friday deal came around and I managed to upgrade to Premium Plus, was very excited to be able to scrape t
Hello wonderful WA family, I hope you are keeping as well as can be expected ?I said a couple of days ago I set up a new account, followed a couple of people on Pinterest, then mu account got suspended for spam. Which made no sense at all.To day I received an e mail saying :"It's great to know that they have admitted it was there mistake. Restores faith in human kind.All i did was click the appeal link in the email. Nothing more.Have a great day.Lisa :-)
December 07, 2020
Hello wonderful WA family, I hope you are well?I built a new site on Thursday with its own domain and in a sea of 565 emails I have just seen it was indexed on Sunday. That is the massive power of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The first post has been published, another one will be added today.It has an about me page, a privacy policy page, sassy social share plugin, all in one seo plugin, Kraken, forminator and ad inserter Looking forward to writing for this new site.Now trying to work out ho
December 06, 2020
Hello wonderful WA family, I hope you are all well?I was going through my emails and reading your posts, commenting and answering questions , then I came across an email Your Pinterest Account has been suspended 😮 I only set it up yesterday ready for the first post from my new site.How can you spam on Pinterest? I don’t understand. We got invaded this afternoon, 3 adult children the youngest ones Birthday. 3 grandchildren and 2 other children. A pleasant couple of hours, now bac
Hello wonderful WA family, I’m hoping this finds you well?First of all I have a question, one thing you can guarantee about this awesome program is that the community will always be at hand somewhere in the world to answer it for you. Have written a monster post in the amount of words, well it is for me anyway. My best before this was over 2000 words. This is over 4,300 words and not quite finished yet .Can’t make up my mind whether to leave it as one post or make it into a two part
December 03, 2020
Hello wonderful WA family, I hope you are all well?This morning I have been setting out the plans for the direction the website is going to go in. Having a vision or plan can be very important in the short and long term.How I went about it, upon rising today, after my first cup of coffee. The old brain cells were brimming with new ideas, so many I could hardly keep up. Instead of writing it all out on a piece of paper or in a notebook. I opened up site content and started writing drafts. The m
Hello wonderful people.I am so happy the Black Friday Event Has Been Extended.I Have now got the money together and I have upgraded, I am So excited to dive into all of the training.Bring it on.Here is to Massive success in 2021.Lisa :-)
November 30, 2020
Hello wonderful WA family, I hope you are all well?I have been checking out my stats today and changed the settings around to see how many clicks I have had since I started in March of this year. I'm extremely surprised to learn that the total is 7,801 in just 8 months. Imagine what that figure will be when the year mark comes around.I have not been around on the platform so much because I have been concentrating on writing more for my website, trying to do 4 posts a week. More of the posts h