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Hello wonderful WA family, I hope this finds you well on this Christmas Eve Day?I'm celebrating achieving my goal of 100 blog posts by Christmas. There were times when I thought I wouldn't make it.I have now written 124,193 words since March 14 TH 2020. I'm very happy with that total as my goal is to get to 150,000 by my 1 year anniversary, At this rate, I should smash it.All that is left for me to do is to Wish You All A Very Merry Christmas and A Very Happy and Prosperous 2021.Going to leave
Hello wonderful family, I hope this finds you well?I stayed up last night and participated in Jay's training, It was awesome and I'm glad I got to see it. The training finished around 2 am my time and I stayed up for another hour putting it into practice on Pinterest, I was that excited it just had to be done.This morning I didn't get up till 11 am :-) Have spent the last 4 hours going through hundreds of emails, got them down to 95. It's a never ending job.Now I'm writing this. My next task is
Hello wonderful people, I hope this finds you well?I haven't published a post on my site for a couple of days. Today I put the finishing touches to one hit publish, went to SEO it, and found everything was different. After frowning at it for a while I started to investigate.My post came out at 95 from 100. I guess that means it's in a good category. Some of the other posts are in the high 70's which is orange, so not so good. Need to do a bit of work with those.One thing I don't understand is i
Hello wonderful WA family.I just finished writing a post for my blog here about growth and consistency, pressed publish and then this notice popped up to say that I'm an Ambassador that was a very pleasant surprise. I haven't taken much notice of rank for the past few months because I have been concentrating on writing for my site. I pop in here when I have time and read and comment on your great posts and answer questions.I love being a part of this community. It is definitely the best decisio
December 20, 2020
Hello wonderful WA family, I hope this finds you well?I was looking out on my terrace at the flowers that are growing still on this 20th day of December 2020. The picture above is of three examples.New growth happening in the garden and in our businesses every day that we participate. As long as we are consistent and do something every day our business will grow just like the buds of this plant. It will start off as a small green bud-like the ones on the right in this picture below, then it wil
December 19, 2020
Hello wonderful WA family, I hope this finds you well?I have got a mammoth task on my hands. I didn't really understand what to write in the Alt text box so I didn't write anything at all. Now I'm going through all of the posts and updating the alt text in each picture. The majority of posts have 3 or 4 images so a lot to do. This is one reason I have left it until now to do. Being off for 2 weeks will give me plenty of time to complete the task.With the new site, I have made sure to do it from
December 18, 2020
Hello wonderful people, I hope this finds you well?I Just clicked the little G on 3 posts and 2 of them have now been indexed. It is so awesome for a new site to be indexed so swiftly, it gives me great hope for this new site.Today is my last day at work, only 30 minutes left to go and then 14 days off. That means I can work here on this wonderful platform solely which I'm looking forward to.My goal has been to get to 100 posts by Christmas and even though I have built a new site My stats say 9
December 15, 2020
Hello wonderful WA family, I hope this finds you well?Even if I do say so myself, I have had a productive day, It started by going through a ton of WA emails, commenting on posts and answering questions. Then taking my Granddaughter to school. Started the day job at 10, finished at 1.30. Went onto Facebook and scheduled posts until 27th December. Next went onto Canva and made a new cover photo for the new Facebook page. I must also say I'm getting the hang of Canva and was pleased with the resu
December 14, 2020
Hello Wonderful Family, I hope this finds you well?Just had an e mail that my second post has been indexed. I remember on the first site I had to wait a few weeks, but on this new site they are coming a lot quicker.Had a day off from writing yesterday and spent the afternoon with these two :We all had fun playing some games and then relaxing for a bit before eating our roast dinner. Managed to claim my pinterest account. I have had a Twitter account for 6 years and not used it for at least 3 ye
Hello wonderful WA family, I hope this finds you well?I have been here for 8 months and learned a great deal in that time. Setting up a new website has been a massive challenge as I'm not technical at all. It's great to follow along to training and get it done. The problem comes when the interface has been updated as I found out over the last few days with Google analytics. Finally found the missing piece of the puzzle and got it set up.I have a friend here on Tenerife who is a web designer, go