6 Month Progress Report

Last Update: October 15, 2020

Hello All of you wonderful people.

I hope this finds you well?

My website was 6 months old yesterday, still a baby

That may be starting to crawl now. Some people seem to

think they should be making money from month 1 or 2.

When you put things into perspective as i have done, You

can see why that's not realistic.

The biggest search engine Google, needs to find you in order

for you to get any organic traffic and that takes time.

It would be a lot quicker if you did paid ads. Why that's not advisable.

It takes time to learn and test, costs lots of money and still takes time

to see results. Be patient.

What Have I Acheived in 6 Months.

Completed the OEC training.


70 articles published.

3 articles unpublished (in draft )

Have written

80,010 Words, Your all-time words written

And more than 99% of WA Members this month.

64 of the posts have been found by Google.

My 7 day stats.

Clicks 389 Referrals 0 Sales 0 Commissions $18.50 Credits 0

When i started i gave myself a year to get the first sale.

Much to my surprise it came at the 4 and a half month mark, a

comission of $45.48.

Have referred 5 people.

There are 2.1k people in my network.

Currently ranked 49 in WA.

Social media, have started to post on facebook every day.

Pinterest, i still dont get it and have not made a pin, but have

been publishing the completed blogs to it.

Overall am very happy with all that has been achieved.

Goals going forward, keep writing 2/3 posts a week for the site.

setting up an autoresponder and a e mail collector.

Have also been thinking about talking to the affiliate managers

of the programs i'm with to get some products to try.

My opinon

is they can only say yes or no.

If they are willing to send me some then i can do some youtube

video reviews.

I wish toThank Kyle & Carson for this wonderful place to learn.
The Awesome community for being so supportive and knowledgeable.

Going to leave you with this Quote:

“Work like there is someone working twenty four hours a day to take it away from you.” – Mark Cuban

Here is to all of our success.


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gmmf Premium
It's just been a little over two weeks since I upgraded to Premium... I always knew I was going to do it, I was just waiting until the end of the month for billing purposes. I have successfully move my four primary websites and their domains to WA hosting. I have completed Phase 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp. I have published several blog posts to my websites incluing a review post. I have been very involved in blog commenting, both on htis part of the platform, and also as part of "Site Comments" and "Site Feedback." In fact, I now have 23 points I can use toward people commenting on my blog posts, and I have already used 18. I am focusing on building the framework... I believe once that is in place the referrals will com.
fatimonera54 Premium
Thanks for the insights!
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Thank you very much for sharing.
Keep up the great work 🤩
petardz Premium
Hey Lisa, woow, you're so hardworking, in 7 months i published 22 articles on one blog, and maybe 10 on the other one.. I don't write as much as I should..

However, I think it would be good if you could share with us some of your traffic, google analytics or search console so people can see how much traffic is realistic to receive after 6 months of having website
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.
I’m not very good on the iPad. I know how to do
A screen shot with it but I just can’t get it to do it.
EmakAmelia Premium
Wonderful achievements, Lisa. 🤩 Keep up your great work. You've clearly achieved and learned a lot during these 6 months. You take actions and keep progressing. A role model for sure. Your website maybe a baby who is still crawling now, but eventually you'll have a fully grown website that becomes an authority in your niche. 😀👍

Here's to more success stories 🥂

LMH1968 Premium Plus
Thank you very much Ferra.
I’m getting there.
I appreciate your encouragement my friend.
I look forward to sharing them with you.
Lisa 🥳
SofiaMM Premium
OMG I wish you all the sucess you deserve! So much work and efford HAVE to (and will) be paid off later :D
I'll make my 6 months-mark in 6 December, and I hope to reach at least 60 posts by then too :) I currently have 35.

Great work Lisa, you will have great sucess!

LMH1968 Premium Plus
Thank you so much.
i wish you continued success:)
Jude81 Premium
Excellent results Lisa, I only wish I had that may article published.
My, I ask how you know how many are found by google? Indeed you don't check them one by one?
I was reading a post from Cassi as well the other day where she mentioned how nany of her WA blogs were indexed.

I seriously lost track, and it cost to must time to check individual right?

Have a great day.
SofiaMM Premium
hmm, you need to post through SiteContent here in WA to have a very simple check. In SiteContent you have Writing Stats, which tells you how many words are written (total), how much you write compared to ther WA member, and how many articles are indexed by Google :)
Although I always finish my posts on WP, sometimes doing most of the work there, I always write content here (in WA, they have a good enough document revision control, autosave and an imense royalty free image repository :) and then these small perks).

Hope this helps,
Jude81 Premium
Aha, thank you for the clarification Sofia. I used to write in site content but have changed my routine to writing in WordPress now.

The main reason for this is that premium Grammarly doesn't work in the site content.
Perhaps it explains as well that I don't get the emails anymore, 'congratulations your content is indexed'.

Thanks a lot, for shining a light on this. I still wonder, what about WA blogs? How fo people no how many are indexed of them?

LMH1968 Premium Plus
Thanks very much Jude.
when you publish in site content under each post on the dashboard, ( not when the post is open) There is a capital G
when it changes colour from grey to coloured it means the post has been indexed. you can also click on the G and if indexed it will say so and change colour hope that helps :)
Jude81 Premium
Thank you Lisa for explaining 🙌😅, I appreciate it.
LMH1968 Premium Plus
You are very welcome my friend.
I just hope I made it understandable for you.