The Reverse Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

Last Update: April 28, 2019

What if the sun rose in the West and set in the East? Hold that thought. Last evening when I was writing a blog for my website, I referenced Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs that he wrote in paper back in 1943. As I looked at the Hierarchy of Needs Triangle that depicts the five levels of needs, I realized WA takes us in reverse order from highest to lowest.

Maslow’s Triangle

  1. Physiological Needs – Breathing, food, water, sleep, sex, and excretion.
  2. Safety Needs – Security and safety from steady income and safe place to live.
  3. Belongingness and Love Needs – Intimate relationships or friends.
  4. Esteem Needs – Prestige and feeling of accomplishment.
  5. Self-Actualization Needs - Achieving one’s full potential, including creative activities.

Why is WA the Reverse of Hierarchy of Needs?

When we join Wealthy Affiliate and look around for free, we like what we see and soon we go Premium Membership and start the training in earnest. Most of us prior to joining already have the first two basic needs covered. That is, we have food to eat, a place to live, and some measure of safety and security.

We are attracted to WA given that we have a desire to have levels 3, 4, and 5 met in richer fashion that anything that we held prior to joining. We are seeking a belongingness and friends that have our back when we need them. We are also looking for a feeling of accomplishment and a proven way to use our creative mind in a healthy manner.

WA starts us out on level 5

Immediately after we go Premium folks start following us and are strongly urging us to get into the training and within days, we have a website up. We start employing techniques inside WordPress to enhance our Search Engine Optimization SEO. We learn how to write content filled with keywords and then it happens. We get the email from Kyle and Carson letting us know that we too have been indexed in Google!

WA then allows us to be filled with level 4 needs

After we almost jump out of our socks and blog within WA about our newest milestone of success, we realize that WA has helped us achieve our full potential by building a class website. Our creative juices kick in and start feeling that accomplishment and esteem. We read others posts about their victories.

WA has the family culture of level 3 needs

The next thing the WA platform moves us to do is seek for rankings. In doing so we pick up more and more followers and we follow people that show inside wisdom to the business that would take years to discover on our own. As we pay it forward helping others it begins to feel like a bonding relationship that is stronger that blood relatives, because we have like minded goals and aspirations.

Success locks up the basic needs of level 1 and 2

As the money begins to flow from affiliate marketing, we can make it our full-time mission. The money buys the food, clothing, and shelter. A smile forms on our face as just maybe the sun does rise in the West for the unique family at WA. Food for thought.


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MKearns Premium
A champion analysis Larry and very insightful. I've sensed the undercurrent of this ad never quite put my finger on it. It works! This is perhaps the biggest draw of WA and some great minds have gone into crafting it. Thank you!
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Thank you Mike for your kind words. It is fun to experience things here at WA.
roxydog1312 Premium
That's a great observation. I studied Maslow in college and had to do an extensive paper on his hierarchy of needs. You are exactly right about WA starting us at 5, then "regressing" us to 4 and 3. Excellent post!
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Maybe my education is coming through for some benefit. Thank you.
EandS2018 Premium

You are very interesting and I like the way you think
Great post.
LLettau1 Premium Plus
I like to leave traditional thinking behind.
LauraFuller Premium

I love the way you think outside the box with your analogy. Great post.

Thank you
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Thank you so much.
TimMoto Premium
This is very good. Full of wisdom. I like your perspective. I never would have put it all together this way. Thanks for the insight LLetau2.
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Tim I am glad that you liked it.