Busy Week Update

Last Update: May 03, 2019

I have been working on the BootCamp training and working hard to improve my ranking.

Fast Ranking Progress

On May 1st my ranking was 3,690 within WA. Then it happened! On the morning of the 2nd of May my ranking was 630. After rubbing my eyes, I decided to wait until the 3rd, today to shout out my progress. This morning my ranking was 614.

I am beginning figure this out. Reach out to the newly minted Premium members every day. Let them know we care and the training is great and we believe in them. Another ranking help has been to follow every person that I see in a posting with a rank of 200 or less or someone that is reaching out to tons of people.

Now my network following is up to 316 which is small compared to others. More followers in the network, more exposure.

Find a Way to Help

I have been seeking out the questions to answer or put input as my abilities allow. I just crossed the 3-month mark and want to pay it forward. Finding some low ranked person that published a training or blog within WA every day. I never miss a chance to stay in contact with them and have developed trust with some.

SAC Progess

I am slightly behind on this front and getting more sharply focused. I just finished Jay's weekly training on peering at members websites and a critique by Jay. Having crossed 3 months in this thing and posted another blog to my Wealth Affiliate Marketing site is a feeling of accomplishment. The review was on Chris Farrell Marketing of whom I have knowledge as a unhappy and lost soul prior member.

Then drifted about for 3 years before I found WA. Now it is onward and upward.

May the merry month of May be lucrative for you.


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nurselizstar Premium
Wonderful happy people on this blessed Saturday! Great job Larry and congratulations!!
Yay Us Indeed!! 🌟
cris1018 Premium
Congrats on the progress, Larry! Keep moving forward!

LLettau1 Premium Plus
Thank you for the moral support.
Eliz65 Premium
Congrats on your success! Nice work on giving back and helping others.
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Thank you for the encouragement.
Mick18 Premium
Congrats Larry on the three months. I wish you much success in May.
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Thanks Mick
NateThomas7 Premium
Keep up the great work Larry. You are doing awesome
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Thanks Nate