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December 23, 2020
Sorry for the belated excitement regarding the upgrade to Premium Plus. I took advange when Kyle first made it available in the days prior the Thanksgiving and the big Friday after. As an educator and accountant by trade, the math made cents. Opps, a pun of sorts!Larry
November 09, 2020
Yes, I pulled the trigger as does a Texas Hold Em player going all in! I signed up for the annual Premium Plus membership. Now I must sprint daily with legs under my good intentions, rather than treading water in the pool of procrastination. I am putting WA back in my daily task list.
December 02, 2019
After about 3 months of low activity, and about 10 months as a member of Wealthy Affiliate; I made a promise to myself to take advantage of the 82 cents per day annual price of $299. I just need to treat my involvement here at WA like it is a real business rather than some experiment.To my surprise, the renewal adds on another 12 months of premium and grandfathers me in for future billing. One thing I know that one can take to the bank is the promises that Kyle and Carson set forth. Tonight
“He that rises late must trot all day.“ Benjamin Franklin. (n.d.). Retrieved May 28, 2019, from Website: statesman Benjimin Franklin wrote many very smart quotes that he shared with readers in Poor Richards AlmanacK. The publication appeared continually from 1732 to 1758. He was an inventor, known for the lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove.I was behind in the month 1 of SAC training. Going into the f
Just crashed through < 500!Hello Wealthy Affiliate members out there. I have been here a little over 3 months. Recently, I have been working on ranking within WA. About April 15th I crashed through the under 10,000 number in ranking. On the 18th of April, I posted a blog about it. May 7th, I broke through the proverbial 500 ranking and as I write I am sitting at 478 ranking.My question to the community is how important is rankings?I would love to hear from youLarry
May 03, 2019
I have been working on the BootCamp training and working hard to improve my ranking.Fast Ranking ProgressOn May 1st my ranking was 3,690 within WA. Then it happened! On the morning of the 2nd of May my ranking was 630. After rubbing my eyes, I decided to wait until the 3rd, today to shout out my progress. This morning my ranking was 614.I am beginning figure this out. Reach out to the newly minted Premium members every day. Let them know we care and the training is great and we believe in
What if the sun rose in the West and set in the East? Hold that thought. Last evening when I was writing a blog for my website, I referenced Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs that he wrote in paper back in 1943. As I looked at the Hierarchy of Needs Triangle that depicts the five levels of needs, I realized WA takes us in reverse order from highest to lowest.Maslow’s TrianglePhysiological Needs – Breathing, food, water, sleep, sex, and excretion.Safety Needs – Sec
Yes, I finally did it. It takes a bit of learning to find what works with the daily ranking number. I have read Kyle's blog regarding ranking within Wealthy Affiliate and the suggestions really do work. On Wednesday I ranked 10,446 and to my surprise on Thursday morning I ranked at 9,453.Big Journeys Start with little stepsIf you are ranked under 500, you may be yawning and thinking, "So what." I remember under 3 months ago when I was ranking about 260,000. Then under 100,000. It seems that I d
I was privileged to be selected for the 2019 Super Affiliate Training. That meant placing my first product niche website on the back burner and thrust efforts into Affiliate Bootcamp training. Bad move? No good move as I built my second website and purchased a new domain name.Now the real work beginsShazam! Kyle’s training works as I posted the first blog page on April 7 and on April 9 I was already indexed in Google. Only two days! Turning PointThat made me commit to never punching
What an honor to be selected Kyle sent me a personal email inviting me to the 2020 Super Affiliate Challenge. I did not open it until last evening as a tax preparer gets busy in the last push prior to April 15th. After rubbing my eyes to make sure that I was reading that which I that thought I was reading, I began to thank my lucky stars that I was chosen. What would Darth Vader say? The Force be with us as we battle the forces of darkness and short-term defeats. Darth would say buckle up a