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Whenever I post a graph from my Google Analytics (GA), I always get asked about how I got my reports so I'm going to write this post so I can pass it on to others and I hope you will find it useful.I don't know a lot about GA, but what I know gets me by, so I'm just going to show you what I usually use.I actually don't remember what GA looks like when you first log on because I always just go to my bookmarked link to the reports right away, so I'll go from my memory.First, pick the Analytics Ac
November 01, 2017
If you have followed some of my posts here in the last bit of Oct, I was really picking up traffic on my site and now that Oct is done, I'd like to share some results to see what SEO can do all of a sudden.My total October visits ended at just over 8,700 visits, a 54.6% increase from September of 5,632 visits.The Oct month went as high as 485 visits/day but went back down to 249/day on the last Saturday of the month but ended back up at 300/day.Just goes to show how volatile traffic could be an
October 30, 2017
Just wanted to say thank you for all those who participated on my last post. What a discussion there was that was truly unexpected.I just wanted to clear something up in case any successful members got offended, annoyed or whatever with me for asking my question.I also felt that the words I used in my post was a little harsh ("huge lack of sharing") which is not really what I meant.There's been sharing no doubt. There's been sharing by a lot of the successful members, but what I meant was tha
To the MANY Successful Members here who are making a living (over $2K/month) from the WA training, this post is a PLEA to YOU all.My big question to you all is:Why don't you guys share more of your stats with us?I think it's so important that we all get to peek into your world and see at least what your site's traffic is for your level of success or what/how many products has sold or ANY stats whatsoever.For us who are just starting out or especially those who are mid-year (the worse place to b
So I had this post done back on Feb 15 2017, and at that time the keyword I used had Search Volume of 92 and QSR of 2 which to me was a great keyword as I usually go for anything with Search > 50 and QSR < 50.However, this post took 7 MONTHS for it to reach my number 1 visited post in September with over 900 visits for the month.But guess what, the keyword for this Feb post is now Search 42 and QSR 0 which is weird since my post should still be valid as it stayed number 1 visited post of
I've been yapping a lot about writing content on your website for traffic, so I though it would be nice for give you guys to get some ideas on what to write about.Here are some ways to get inspired or motivated to get new ideas on what to write about for your website in ANY NICHE:1. Your Personal ExperienceYou are taught here to choose a niche in your passion and what you love so there must be personal experiences you can pull from.There must be at least two or three instances that is related t
October 25, 2017
After my last post, my traffic has shot up to another level!From Sunday at 346 sessions for the day to Monday at 485 sessions for the day!!I was like WHAT?! My traffic has never jumped up 139 sessions in a day before, and yesterday stayed in the upper 400's at 469 sessions.Will it now stay at 400s or will it go up to 500s??Who knows! That's the thing about this SEO thing, you never know when you're finally going to breakthrough!I've been waiting for this for so long, and writing for so many m
Last week, my site reached an all time high for number of sessions (visits) in a week!My record has been in May when I had a post that was highly searched after but now five months later, I've finally been able to reach that kind of traffic again but also surpass it last week!The following is my Google Analytics by Week:The last few weeks, my traffic has been bouncing from 150 - 250 sessions/day and now the last four days I've been getting 300 - 350 sessions per day!It's a huge jump as I though
I don't usually have to switch my pages to a different type but for newer members, this may be the case.As I was not able to answer someone with this question on Live Chat tonight, someone else gave this answer so I want to share it here so I can also remember for future reference.There is a plugin called Post Type Switcher that you can install in your Wordpress admin area for free.What the plugin will do is put a "Post Type" option in the top right "Publish" box in your Post/Page edit screen:T
I see a lot of members doing a lot of different things to get traffic and a lot of these methods are outside what's being taught in the course here at WA (main course in the green button on the left menu called Online Entrepreneur Certification course).That is fine to do but I find that if you can just concentrate on two main things instead you will see the traffic you want.I have seen these two things proven to work many times and I have experienced this myself.If you do these two things consi