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For those who can't access Kyle's post, I caught him on Live Chat and he said there's some coding thing he has to do so he won't be announcing til:Monday Jan 22/18He also said he updated his post about the change in date, but we can't seem to access his blog right now.So have a great weekend and try not to worry about it!!:)GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!GraceJAN 23 TUES UPDATE:
OMG!!!!! What an opportunity that Kyle is offering!!Is this going to be the unbelievable "kick in the butt" that we need to make it to Vegas?Many people make it to Vegas every year and last year, every time I read a post about someone making it to Vegas, I think, that'll be me soon.But when is that soon?I believe it's this year: 2018!!I have no idea how many people Kyle will pick or who he'll pick but I am going to put in my bid:Dear Kyle,There are a lot of great people here at WA and I don't
I missed the train on this way in joining Bo's mentorship group(s?) but loved seeing all your posts today about your first conference call with Bo and your aim at making $1000/month.I'm curious what you think you would get out of Bo's mentorship vs the training that's already here at WA? I see some newer and older members joining and wondering why the older ones are joining when you've been here for a year or more.It could be because you haven't made consistent monthly income yet or at least n
The Next Big Thing?As most of you know, I have a bootcamp site (promoting WA), and I've been pondering whether or not to start reviewing cryptocurrencies on my site.On the one hand, I don't think people who are interested in cryptocurrencies would be interested in building a blog with affiliate marketing since I would think they are more finance people and into more market trading.On the other hand, the search volume with anything related to this topic is very high and I've recently gotten a bi
Hope everyone had a nice holiday for those who celebrated!I have to say, it has been extremely hard for me to work in the week before Christmas and have been slowing down a lot this past week because I was also sick with a nasty cold.My aim was to have 300 posts written by end of this year which I thought I almost couldn't do.I thought I would actually finish the 300 posts by mid Dec or just before Christmas, but since kids were out and hubby off of work, it was really hard to work! LOLSo, I've
Jaaxy is now part of WA's Family!!!I was wondering why I've been getting Jaaxy referral emails lately and my posts about Jaaxy haven't had more than usual traffic, so now I noticed I am getting them along with my WA referrals!And then I see the WA side menu like this:I'm so excited about this so we can get double the referrals!!!!WOOHOOO!!THANK YOU Kyle & Carson!!! You guys are the BOMB!What do you guys think?!?!UPDATE: Here's Carson's announcement: Jaaxy is Now the Official Keyword Tool of
Okay, I must admit I wasn't going to post anything for November with seeing Dylan's Over $2K in 6 months post (& others to come I'm sure) and my results are nowhere near that, but seeing it's my best month so far, I must continue to celebrate my own milestones and enjoy my wins!NOVEMBER '17: BEST MONTH YETFor the first time, my traffic has reached over 5 digits at 12,002 sessions for November with 10,278 Users on my site!Hitting a high of 688 sessions a day. :)My organic traffic has risen t
GO YEARLY FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR BUSINESSWhy anyone would go yearly is because they take their business seriously!By seriously, I mean, you're not going to build an online business in a few months. It will take a good year to see where it will really go.Sure you will earn a bit of money here and there during your first few months but it'll be nothing compared to what you can build in a year.You can't just think you will build an online business in a certain amount of time and I know a lot of new
Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate it today!I will be feasting on turkey in a few hours and no, I didn't bake it. LOL. I cook a little to get my family by but I can't do big feasts like today.I have many things to be thankful for and as Wealthy Affiliate has become such a big part of my life I am incredibly thankful I am here.I felt so lucky when I found it last year and this year my business has grown so much because of what I've learned here from the training plus all the advice