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Pretty happy about this because it's taken almost over a year to get to this point.Back last year in May/17, I blogged on my site about some news that just hit on an app I was using, it was shut down. I was the first to blog about it and my traffic shot up to just over 700 visits that one day when my traffic was only around 100 - 200 visits a day.Finally, yesterday my site climbed over that all time high to a new high of 747 visitors!!It gave me almost 40 new email subscribers and 8 new referr
Guys, when your online business is on fire, it's on fire! :)I've never had such a day before, but this is amazing how a day can unfold.I have to admit $258 of it didn't come from my site, but it's from one of my Instagram accounts.I've built a Disney account that has over 106K followers and I finally closed a sponsorship deal yesterday for 2 posts on it.The rest did come from my website and I even made $45 from a product I HIGHLY did NOT recommend and they still bought it!!Always get an affilia
Can't believe my site is 18 months old already and although it seemed like an eternityyyyy to get to where I am today, looking back, it doesn't seem THAT long... it's been a year and a half.Time will pass you quickly and if you don't use each month to the fullest, you will just take longer.That's what I did in the beginning... the first four months, I had another business I was doing at the same time, so I had only written 8 posts / month.Starting 2017, I was able to start concentrate more to t
Let's See Who's Leading!I thought since we've nearly reached the end of the day here in our second month of 2018, that we should see how we SWAG members are doing.I hope you all will find this fun, scary, exciting, and maybe even embarrassing compared to others but WHO CARES!We are all learning and this way you can see who's in the lead for Vegas 2019!So, here's my airplane:Comment Below Your Airplane Counter Number or Attached Your Airplane Screenshot below!!If you guys find it fun, I would lo
Some times writing product review after product review can be very boring and tiresome.Until you get to a scam that uses one of our own in their scheme!As part of their payment proof, they show all these people with checks in their hand. Most of these are just found on Google images but one of these I couldn't believe my eyes!It's weird to see someone you "know" (I don't really know this member), I wish! LolI'm not going to show who he is in case he doesn't want everyone to know. He's a very
This is for those in the make money online niche promoting WA mainly.I want to thank @Miren who asked the question about our conversion rate from the unique clicks on the links in your WA review to getting a Starter referral found here.I've always meant to look at this because I track all my links with this goal on knowing my conversion rates but I've been so wrapped on the other conversion rates that I forgot to look at this one.I'm glad I did because I couldn't believe my results!For those th
For those who can't access Kyle's post, I caught him on Live Chat and he said there's some coding thing he has to do so he won't be announcing til:Monday Jan 22/18He also said he updated his post about the change in date, but we can't seem to access his blog right now.So have a great weekend and try not to worry about it!!:)GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!GraceJAN 23 TUES UPDATE:
OMG!!!!! What an opportunity that Kyle is offering!!Is this going to be the unbelievable "kick in the butt" that we need to make it to Vegas?Many people make it to Vegas every year and last year, every time I read a post about someone making it to Vegas, I think, that'll be me soon.But when is that soon?I believe it's this year: 2018!!I have no idea how many people Kyle will pick or who he'll pick but I am going to put in my bid:Dear Kyle,There are a lot of great people here at WA and I don't
I missed the train on this way in joining Bo's mentorship group(s?) but loved seeing all your posts today about your first conference call with Bo and your aim at making $1000/month.I'm curious what you think you would get out of Bo's mentorship vs the training that's already here at WA? I see some newer and older members joining and wondering why the older ones are joining when you've been here for a year or more.It could be because you haven't made consistent monthly income yet or at least n