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Woohoo! I'm Officially A Super Affiliate!!I have been staring at this image all day:Wondering when this thing will tell me differ!Then finally I get the email I've been waiting for all day:"Congratulations! A New WA Commission!"And in fact, I received one this morning but it was not a true new commission but a recurring one. When someone misses a payment or pays a little delayed, the email sometimes comes in as a new commission, when it's not.Anyway, of course, I wasn't home when I received th
Hello my friends,I'm happy to report that I am sharing my July 2018 results after all because it's a pretty big jump and, from my last post, it sounded like the community enjoys my posts so I will continue sharing what I can that will give you some insights to what I do.I must say that I will be sharing a lot more once I have hit my Vegas goal which is getting even closer these days!I will have an analysis of my entire timeline and offer lots of data crunching which I really enjoy being an acco
I almost can't believe that number! I've waited so long to see this number!I had set a goal to hit $2K in 6 months when I started here, so I'm a little late in the game but I made it!!! I have reached that goal!Here are some quick stats:* 470+ posts* 1,968 users/day (new record)* 37,578 users for June* 44,290 sessions for June* email subscribers just under 7,000June Tip: Niche Related NewsBlog about your industry's news, it works for bringing in high traffic. I did that when MOBE got shut do
June 19, 2018
I was just wondering if i would get this sale tonight and when i checked my email recently, I got the best email with that one subject line we love seeing:"Congratulations! A New WA Commission!"Guys, this sale is special tonight because it gave me my 150th sale this year so i'm half way point to the Super Affiliate Vegas Conference!Thanks to all of you who have been following my progress! I'm grateful for your support and hope to offer more insights to you in the near future.In the meantime, I
I haven't checked this number in awhile and I looked tonight to find that I had referred over 2,000 people to Weatlhy Affiliate since I started here!!I find that mind blowing to think I'm affecting so many lives!Whether they have used WA to their fullest advantage to just window shopping, I've been able to show more than 2,000 people how great this platform is.It's a pretty neat thought. I hope I can affect thousands more!! :)
Gosh, I thought I would make it to $2K this past month and it was close but no cigar!Hi Guys, it's my May 2018 update and although it's the best month again ever my conversions for the month was slashed in half from April.April's conversion rate has been one of my highest this year, May is actually the norm.I'm pretty sure I should be able to hit $2K next month. What I added recently during the last week of May was switched my Google Adsense to Mediavine.In the one week I went live with Mediav
Hi Guys!I had another amazing month and things are really starting to snowball here.April 2018 has yet again broke some records:1. All time high referrals - I jumped from 236 referrals in March to 358 referrals in April!!2. Highest Referrals Per Day - 20 referrals in a day and 3 weeks of double digit daily referrals and 1 week of single digit referrals.3. Broke 1,000 visitors per day - Not only it broke 1,000 visitors a day, it went all the way up to 1,124 visitors on the last day of April.4.
I remember when I first started that I could never catch anyone "Live" on my site under my Google Aanlytics > Real-Time.I always think maybe my GA was broken or something but I would see a bit of traffic when I check the next day.This went on a long while not being able to see anyone live on my site.Then I would catch some people, and more and more as I progressed in my journey here.Today, I see the highest number I've ever been able to see on my site:I couldn't believe my eyes just now, it
HAPPY DAY!Just wanted to share the exciting news that I had FIVE of my referrals upgrade to Premiums today!That's definitely a new record for me, the most I've ever had in a day was 2.April has sure been performing very well and looking like another record month for sure.Guys, this business is amazing and it's been so wild to see the numbers keep increasing each month, ever since hitting my 18 month mark (Feb/18), every month has been doing so well.I'm really close to hitting 1000 visitors a da
Money, Money, Money!March 2018 has proven to be another "Best Month" and actually broke 4 digits which I'm estactic about!Here are my results for March 2018:Who wouldn't just quit at 7 months and making only $10?I wouldn't and those who know and believe that the training works here wouldn't quit either because look what happens when you put in immense amount of work in the next 12 months for your business?!I know 19 months to make 4 digits is nothing to brag about either but, guess what, I bet