$3,944.63 From "Dead" Site 1 Sale

Last Update: April 14, 2021

Your Blog = Digital Asset

Hi Guys!

I'm so excited to talk about this with you all as I hope will give some of you inspiration to keep going.

I want to remind you that your blog is a digital asset that can live on the internet for a very long time as long as you keep hosting it.

It's a digital asset worth perserving and investing your time into because if a "dead" site can generate a $3,944.63 payout in a single sale, could you imagine what this site could do if I hadn't stopped writing on it?

This site gets hardly any traffic, no more than 6 users a day. Lol

How is it able to make this kind of commission? It's all about reviews and finding the right leads for the affiliate programs you pick.

No matter what niche you're in, there's always something very specific people are searching for in that niche. So the more you can help these people find the answers they're looking for, then, the more you'll attract the right type of leads.

Your blog website is just that a traffic generator... once you have traffic, you can direct that traffic to wherever you want.

Specific things people search for in any niche has to do with products or service or how-to. The how-to's aren't the best type of leads to send to your affiliate programs so do less of these types of posts, but still have some on your site.

Which leaves products or services, meaning, reviews of things people are searching about in your niche. When people are searching for specific products or reviews, they are in buying mode and best to send to your affiliate programs.

The content that I do have on the site that generated this commission are 80%+ reviews.

Therefore, the little number of visitors this "dead" site gets are very highly qualified.

This site is "dead" to me because I had stopped writing on it long time ago and didn't even know I had earned this commission until very recently when I got paid out for this commission to my PayPal.

This is a high paying affiliate program in the finance industry.

Well, I think I'll give this site some more love and put this back into my portfolio. :)

But, really, why I love building websites is that it lives on the internet as long as you want it to and it will earn passively for you.

People still ask me if this blogging thing works.

If I'm not living proof.......... Lol (please read my many blogs on my profile)

There are hundreds of thousands (maybe more) of bloggers out there making a side income of $500/mo - $50,000+/mo, it's all possible.

But first, you need to believe it's POSSIBLE FOR YOU!

With the technology we have today and the way you don't need to learn how to code, everything's point and click, copy and paste, anyone can learn how to do this, especially if you're here at Wealthy Affiliate.

You really have all you need right here to not only get started but start making a realistic full time income.

So take care of your digital assets, they are your money makers. :)


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AHohaia Premium
Thanks so much for sharing. That is so impressive. If you don't mind, could you pm me the affiliate program. Would like to have a look. I never knew you could earn so much in commission.

All the best from Anke

P.S. Always looking forward to reading your posts.
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
Thanks so much for sharing this experience, Grace. That is an amazing result from what you classed as a 'Dead Site'.

I've been contemplating reviving a long overlooked site and asked a question in WA. A member responded and lead me to this post.

It's clear that I need to focus on writing reviews which is something I've avoided for too long.

All the best to you, Grace.

CordeliaN Premium
Grace that really is very inspirational, it's the sort of thing that pops up on YouTube, you know the one.... the advert before the actual clip, some person tells us how you to can make these sort of sales, click here, watch this, join my free live class etc, (which of course isn't free) and here you are real life and doing it with WA.

Hugely motivational
Thank you for sharing. 👍👏
littlemama Premium Plus
That's awesome Cordelia, great to hear that! :)
chivs86 Premium
Hi Grace, Wow that's amazing I think I read one of your blogs maybe six months back but again a joy to read.

Would you mind if I had a look at your post you did. I am just curious. PM me if you like.

Also, I will try and get round to going through your other blogs on here at some point. You seem to have really mastered this craft.
littlemama Premium Plus
Thanks Alex for reading my posts, appreciate you coming by! I wish you much success here. :)
Jessiefido Premium Plus
What a fantastic result there Grace, I am very happy for you!

It goes to show that if you lay a solid foundation for your business there is always the opportunity to make money much further down the line.

Great work my friend and here's to a lot more future success!
littlemama Premium Plus
Definitely Nick, and that's how blogging works, it's never instant gratification but reaping what you sow.
I wish you much success too!
Jessiefido Premium Plus
Much appreciated Grace!