Mar'18 Results: Broke 4 Digits!

Last Update: April 02, 2018

Money, Money, Money!

March 2018 has proven to be another "Best Month" and actually broke 4 digits which I'm estactic about!

Here are my results for March 2018:

Who wouldn't just quit at 7 months and making only $10?

I wouldn't and those who know and believe that the training works here wouldn't quit either because look what happens when you put in immense amount of work in the next 12 months for your business?!

I know 19 months to make 4 digits is nothing to brag about either but, guess what, I bet if i started a different niche I would be able to make 4 digits much faster.

Also, if you're new here and learn from this post to not play around the first 6 months and just start writing tons of content per the training from the get-go then you will reach 4 digits much quicker than I did. There are plenty of members here who reached 4 digits within their first year. I hope my next site can do that but no time for a 2nd site just yet.

My Blog Stats For March '18

Visitors: 18,436 - 83% Organic (Unique V: 18,139)

Sessions: 21,677

Pageviews: 29,947

During the month, I blogged that I hit a new daily high for traffic but it actually went higher than that, my new daily high is at 876 visitors/day!

The cover image up top is the Google Analytics for the month of March (by day) and this is the 19 month trend (by week):

Number of Posts Published: 389

I will definitely hit the 400 posts goal really soon, I actually only have 2 more posts to write to hit 400 because I already have 9 scheduled to publish in April.

Email list: 3,200 subscribers

I get about 30 - 50 email subs a day now and the only down side to a larger email list? Higher cost, but it makes sense since my income is climbing so I welcome the higher cost! :)

Referrals for March: 236

A new high for me, Feb had 190 referrals which beat out Jan even with three days less than Jan. It makes sense that March is higher than Feb because of extra 3 days but let's look at the daily average for each month: Feb 6.8 referrals per day while Mar 7.6 referrals per day, so I'm glad March is truly a new best month for referrals.

4 Digit Online Income Goal Reached!

When I first signed up, I thought I would make $2K in 6 months, and man, what a rude awakening at 3 months in, and at 6 months in. LOL

At 4 months I knew I had to write a lot more, then have increased my production month by month until I was publishing daily.

The amount of content and over 630,000 words later, it has produced the kind of results I was looking for.

But now it's not the time to slow down since, I need to keep this up and keep going until I meet my Vegas goal.

MMO niche is the worse niche ever!! I wish I didn't start with this niche if I knew how much harder and longer it was going to be.

But, no one tells you this unless you go through it yourself.

The best thing is that I have seen the process, how it works, how it's possible for me to make a four digit income and how I can apply this to future online businesses I will be building.

Next Stop: Vegas

I may be the slowest one there but now I know I will get there and can get there as the goal seems closer and closer.

There are definitely more than one way to get to the Vegas, but I seem to be taking the slowest route there with SEO.

9 more months to go! Com'on SEO, bring me home!

Hope you guys had a great March!


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Kyle Premium Plus
Congratulations and this is the graphs that are very typical when you put forth the consistent effort as you have, and focus on what we teach here. You have a stable income now, and this will only continue to scale and grow as you continue to build out your website and business.

Keep up the great work!
littlemama Premium Plus
Thanks Kyle for stopping by, owe this success to you and Carson. :)
J-KWest Premium Plus
Well... I can tell you, you definitely won't be the slowest one to Vegas. And... I'm with you on the MMO niche. I've wished at times I could go back but I'm all in now lol. Truth is though... if you've got the resolve to keep going it doesn't matter how long it takes. You're going to be looking back in 6 months, a year, two years and so on anyway... you may as well create something worth looking back on :-)

Great post and thank you for sharing... you're an inspiration.
littlemama Premium Plus
Thank you very much for your kind words! I'm glad you agree with me on the niche! Lol. We're suckers for pain and hard work?! Yeah, it's easy to give up but it's most rewarding to see your efforts pay off.
skmorrow Premium
I am so glad you are having success! I am also really glad to hear you talk about how frustrating the first year is because that tells me to hang in there. Months and months of work for you and not much to show for it, that has to be defeating. Thanks for telling it like it is, I appreciate your honesty.
littlemama Premium Plus
Yeah, those first 12 months sucks but this is because of a few factors. What I know now, and knowing what I need to do from the start will pull results much faster next time.

But don't just think it's just time you need, you must continue the level of work or increase it that's the hardest part when money is not coming in.

But hey, nothing comes easy, and if it did, we'd all be rich. :)

Best to you!
SachiKashi Premium
Hey, Littlemama! Congratulations and thanks for being real and showing that hard work DOES produce results. I don't expect to get rich quick and am committed to earning income online since I want to work from home because I'm in my 60's. I'll be looking for your reports of how awesome Las Vegas is when you get there! I'll do the "happy dance" with you!
littlemama Premium Plus
Hi Pamela,

Appreciate your kind words and well wishes! Yes the training works, but must be applied consistently and frequently. ;)

You can do this, we all can, in any niche.

I wish you all the best with your online business!
Memorylaneuk Premium
Your results are inspiring. We all think we will make lots of money within 6 months and some can but the MMO niche is hard. I actually have two other sites but have had to leave them parked until I get this MMO niche sorted. I too am determined to make it to Vegas. If not this year then next.
That’s not me being defeatist, Just maybe a realistic view.
Success takes time and effort.
Wishing you every success and would love to see you Make Vegas. When I saw some pictures I realised they were all men, maybe one woman but that could have been someone’s wife !
With Grace and Gratitude
littlemama Premium Plus
That's great Karen, that's the first step, to realize you can't work on so many sites at once. MMO is way hard and you have to write tons of reviews to get the results you want. Until you realize this, it's hard to rank anything.

I'm glad you have a realistic view because it's better than not realizing how much work it takes and quit before you reach your goals.

Yes, there hasn't been a woman qualifying for Vegas in a few years, but hopefully that changes soon. :)

Thanks for all your well wishes and encouragement! I wish you the same and I will see you in Vegas one year!!