Jul'18 Results: $4,373! It's Amazing How Fast Income Can Rise!

Last Update: Aug 1, 2018

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Hello my friends,

I'm happy to report that I am sharing my July 2018 results after all because it's a pretty big jump and, from my last post, it sounded like the community enjoys my posts so I will continue sharing what I can that will give you some insights to what I do.

I must say that I will be sharing a lot more once I have hit my Vegas goal which is getting even closer these days!

I will have an analysis of my entire timeline and offer lots of data crunching which I really enjoy being an accountant at heart.

The header image I used for this post is very true how this business works. With each post you write, you are putting down seeds for your site to grow.

Results For July 2018:

My income for July really jumped this month because I had a record FIVE YEARLY membership upgrades that happened in the month!

Okay, before you ask, I calculate all my numbers in the month they occur so it doesn't matter when things get paid out, so my numbers represent transactions that are earned in the month they occured.

Payouts can be manipulated for the WA affiliate program in the sense that you can control when you cash out those credits so you can really make one month look better than another.

This really matters when you earn so many credits that you're earning a few hundred a month from just people setting up their accounts and buying domains.

Also, when the yearly commissions do payout after 30 day hold, it doesn't make sense for me to say I earned that in Sep (since I'll be paid in Sep for these five upgrades).

Instead, for each month, my totals include all sales, recurring, credits, yearly memberships earned in the month.

Even without the Five yearly upgrades, my July still increased $700 from June.

I had been getting yearly upgrades every month since March 2018, 1 to 2 a month, but 5 in July was incredible to see.

This just shows what could happen when you start having over 100 active premiums on your list! :) I have about 140 at the moment.

I haven't given any WA screenshots (because they never captured everything I've earned) but today, I'll add my July payment:

And here's a screenshot of my ads from Mediavine:

I started that Mediavine program last week of May, and they don't payout til 66 days after the month's earnings so my first payment is still to come in a few days here, then I'll start getting monthly payments.

You could only apply to this ad network when you have reached 25,000 sessions in your last 30 days which I did in May.

All in all, I haven't done anything much different in July to have this income increase, although my conversion has increased by about 3.8% this month so that helped a lot!

My focus in July was spreading the word about my coaching services so both here and on my website, I drive that home in every review post I wrote in July as well as editing the messages I send out to my referrals when they join and when they set up their profile accounts.

Nobody has to offer coaching services as this is just an affiliate program and all I need to do is drive people here but helping others succeed only pays you back big time so this is a no-brainer for me to help which I've always done anyway but now I'm telling people about my help (making it more of a big deal) and that has helped with conversions.

Blog Stats

This is the first month that my traffic has not increased in the double digits, instead it's only increased about 7.5% over June:

Users: 40,463 (1,300 Avg per day), highest point for July 1,869/day.

Sessions: 47,556

Pageviews: 64,599

Email List: 8,350

Still under 2,000 users a day and no new records for per day traffic.

I have major dips as you can see as the week goes towards the weekend. Saturdays are my lowest traffic points, guess people use Saturdays as their main relax day and not worried about making money online. Lol

Thursdays and Fridays usually decrease towards Saturdays as well, but sometimes they could surprise me. My best days for traffic are Sunday - Wed.

How Many Posts Do I Have?

Yes I've hit 500 posts!!!

Okay, that didn't hit 500 til this morning when my post for today published, so technically I had 499 in July. Lol


Keywords in posts = traffic

Traffic = Visitors

Visitors = Money

This is all I use for traffic, I don't pay a single penny for any type of advertising or promotions.

All the visitors I get and HOW I get referrals are all from the traffic I get from Google. I don't even know if I get traffic from Yahoo or Bing, cuz I don't check basically. Lol

Most of the things I write are product reviews specifically for making money.

What's Next

I'm going to see if I could slow down on my writing and concentrate on doing things that will increase my conversions even more.

I also feel like I'm not getting enough referrals for the traffic I'm having, so again, I think I need to concentrate on converting these visitors.

Although, my traffic didn't increase that much more than June so that could be why my referrals didn't jump that much for July.

Still, I was able to get 673 referrals in July, an all time high. :)

I hope to have another update before August is over... *fingers crossed*!!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope you guys had an awesome July as well!


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Congratulations Grace! Your consistency has paid off.

It sure motivates me to continue to strive towards my goal of being able to leave the 9-5 and be able to spend time with family and friends and do what I want to do when I want.

Thanks for sharing as always.

Hi Jackie,

Thank you so much! It sure has and I wish this so much for you and everyone here as well.

Keep working on your site and make sure you get someone who knows what they're doing to take a look at it if it's not moving along the way it should or you think.

Emulate the ones in your niche and do what they do because that's the formula.

You could also come to me for help too, my door is always open.

I wish you much success!

You're welcome Grace!

Thanks for the offer.

I will PM you should I have any questions. At the moment, I'm fine. I just need to keep on working hard and be consistent.

Things are now beginning to move in the right direction now that I am diligently following Kyle's training in the SWAG group.

Continued success to you!

That's fantastic Jackie! That's good you've been making changes and now on the right track, you should see improvements in your stats soon.

Can't wait to hear about your progress!


This is wonderful news. So glad you decided to share anyways. (haters gonna hate).

But this is great stuff. I love how you have multiple streams of income and numbers are going up and up.

Feels good to have a brainchild maturing.

This is possible everyone... just follow the training. No tricks, no gimmicks, just work and dedication.

Hi Chris,

Thank you!! Yes haters gonna hate, and that's why I just going to do what I want. Lol

It sure is possible for everyone, I really don't have tricks, I wish I did! Just follow the training here and it should work the way I have experiencing it. :)

Best of luck to you Chris!

I love your success story. Thank you so much. It is inspiring.
Here's to many more success stories.

Thanks so much Wenda! I'm glad you enjoy them and can inspire you! :)

Congrats keep it up, I am still plodding along. All the best. From Gaylene

Thank you Gaylene, and that's great to hear! :)

Wow really fantastic!!!
I'm going to try and catch you ❤

Thank you very much! Do it!

I can't wait to be writing this type of post as well.
You have helped me more than you know my friend.

Wishing you much more continues success.
Lee Ann

Thanks Lee Ann!! You will write these types of posts one day for sure! Just keep swimming. :)

Go littlemama Wonderful!!!!!!! wohooooooo so motivating. Thanks for sharing these updates

You're welcome StunningBell and thanks for your kind words! :)

Traffic in July and December will usually not increase a lot or it can even drop because of the holiday in the US. That’s the same for my site. I’ve discussed with more experienced WA member and this is the conclusion we had for traffic in July. So don’t worry too much about it.

One quick question though, how do you know how many “Active” Premium members you have? You count the number of recurring?

Hi Jerry,

Yeah my last December was tragic! Lol

Actually, my July should have had more traffic but I did something at the beginning of the month that lost me a lot of traffic which I will explain later on.

Yeah, I have a running list of all my premiums and anyone that doesn't pay or pending is off my list pretty quickly so I don't have a false sense of how many I have.

Thanks for stopping by,

Awesome and Inspiring we can all learn from you. To many more successful stories


Thanks Richard, glad you enjoyed this!

Great Job.

Thanks very much!

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