High Ticket, Low Ticket, It's ALL About HELPING Others

Last Update: October 30, 2019

With my last post and Kyle's recent post about high ticket affiliate marketing, I thought I'd put my 2 cents in on this topic as I'm getting questions from fellow members here.

What are we all here learning to do?

Earn money from affiliate marketing with a website, and that's what WA's training does indeed help you do, their training here teaches you HOW to do this, step by step.

Once you learn how to do this, you'll find that there is a HUGE world of things you can promote.

You must be careful what you pick to promote because your brand is indeed on the line.

Therefore, make sure you are picking products you can really stand behind. There was a software I was promoting and finally I've decided to cut ties because I just don't like it.

I can't get behind it, I can't use it, I can't find success with it.

So, out that goes.

But, when I find products I can really stand behind like WA's training program and other tools I use or other courses I learn from which I find very valuable and KNOW others can benefit, that's when I decide to promote.

So, in your online business, it doesn't matter how low ticket or how high ticket a product/service is, it's not about the PRICE.

It's about the VALUE it brings to YOU and the audience you want to SERVE.

Does it FIX a PROBLEM your audience have?

I consider WA's affiliate program a low ticket offer (as majority take their monthly plan), and consider it the BEST VALUE for its price where you can earn literally thousands of dollars a month and more from their training.

But is WA's training one size fits all?

Of course not.

Just like any niche you go into, is there one juice blender that's the be-all-end-all blender that everyone should use? No, of course not. There are TONS of blenders out there to choose from and price ranges too.

Each blender will have different features and different perceived value from these features they have.

You can promote ALL the blenders you see, or pick only the high priced ones or pick the low priced ones.

This is all up to you to choose the best VALUED blender(s) to promote to your audience, regardless of price.

If you OWNED the blender(s) you promote, don't you think you can be more convincing?

YES of course.

Your experience in the product will indeed help you convert others to the product you like best.

So, although you don't have to buy everything you review, for the products/services you do want to promote, it's way better if you do actually use them/own them as you can show the VALUE you have experienced.

This is very true if you were to promote a very high priced blender, let's say.

You will be able to convert people if you actually used this blender yourself and can show the juices/smoothies you make with it and all the benefits it comes with that blender.

There's nothing wrong with promoting high priced products if they give YOU value. It has to give YOU value first (in my opinion, that is), if you don't experience it, then how can you sell it?

This is why majority of the things I promote, especially these days, I have jumped all-in in everything I find valuable and want to promote.

I don't think I promote anything I don't experience myself anymore for this very reason.

Do I promote everything I have experienced? Again, of course not.

Not everything I've bought is a homerun or great, so I don't promote those and it doesn't matter how great their affiliate program is.

If it doesn't give ME value, I can't promote it, regardless of price.

I also don't promote anything that's not inline with my core values.

I hope this helps you and helps you decide whether to promote something that's low or high ticket.

I tell you this much, it's freaking fun to have BIG commission days, but you can earn just as much with small ticket items too.. it all comes down to TRAFFIC.

That is still key, targeted traffic, so learn that first with WA's training and then the affiliate world is wide open to you!

Best of luck in your affiliate journey here!

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NeilBrown Premium
Thanks Grace for your awesome post.
littlemama Premium
You're welcome Neil. :)
Carson2 Premium
You are so right about this! It's a must to represent quality products and services, as best one can. Great post of terrific information.
littlemama Premium
Thanks Carson! Appreciate you stopping by and agreeing with me. :)
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Grace
I reviewed a program a wee while back and couldn't believe this guy was charging up-sells to 12k and more for his programs.
He was involved in a business that went bankrupt, then appeared under another name and now he has made some flashy infographics and claims he will make you the best affiliate marketer - Unreal $12k and you have to pay to become an affiliate in order to make a decent commission.
Seeing places like this makes for a great review because when I look at WA and how much it costs for say 3 years membership, the price just doesn't compare to the ludicrous price this ego-based "entrepreneur" is charging.
I used to see him splashed all over the internet and then boom- gone and it will happen again when people realise he is the winner and not them- Another truly bad shiny object taking $1000's of dollars off people.
There are so many of these big-ticket places online and everyone needs to be discerning if they want to keep their reputation intact.

I know this is a bit of a rant but now that I have been researching loads of programs and "offers" I am becoming more aware of ego-based clowns and feel so blessed to be part of WA, where integrity still shines brightly.

We all need to be so careful online as it is our future and longevity that will outstand the test of time but only if we keep it honest at all times
littlemama Premium
Hi Vicki,

Indeed there are a lot of “clowns” out there charging an arm and a leg for training.

However, I’ve also learned how and why some of these high ticket programs are so expensive, which a lot of people don’t bother to find out and assume they are gauging people.

There are legitimate high ticket training out there that is way beyond what we learn here. As an affiliate marketer, there is so much to learn, WA is just the beginning.

There are lots of legitimate promoters who have huge successes in the affiliate program they’ve been using and they make a course to charge $2k for that info on how they did it.

I don’t find this price ridiculous at all if the person is indeed teaching you exactly how they did it, and giving you tons of value in the course.

Believe me, I know the dark side of internet marketing-and I stay far away from those.

Just make sure you do thorough research in anything we do online. :)

Vickic3 Premium
Thanks Grace- will do
LauraFuller Premium
Grace, thank you. I have heard so many say they are promoting high ticket items. I am not and have been wondering about it.

I believe in the honest and value of a product as you do.

littlemama Premium
Yeah you have to evaluate each product thoroughly before promoting it or even reviewing it in fact.

Many don’t even know the products they review just to recommend their product, which gives WA members a bad name for what they call a “sleazy” tactic.

So, whether you own it or not, you will need to do the required due diligence when reviewing products to provide a thorough review.

But yes, at the end of the day, it’s about value the product or service provides. :)

Best to you,
CalChrisH Premium
Thanks for sharing Grace! Very valuable information!

littlemama Premium
You’re welcome Cal, thanks for stopping by! 👍🏼👍🏼