Aug'18 Results: $4.9K! This Online Business Amazes Me!

Last Update: September 03, 2018

Hello WA Friends,

My August 2018 started off a doozie, faking me out in the beginning, making me think I was going to have a horrible month but it has pulled through with flying colors!

Very interesting how my August beat my July as July had one of my best converting months but August had an incredible amount of recurring sales that made the difference!

The first week of August was horrible for me, not sure if you guys heard but there was a Google update that affected a lot of sites.

I don't think it affected me that much traffic-wise but heard others having a huge drop in traffic because of it.

The problem I seemed to have in the beginning of the month was lack of new sales and thought there was something wrong with the system! Lol

But, I just really can't predict this business and sometimes it could trend one way and then react another.

This just shows how much more I need to learn!!

Blog Stats For August

August's traffic increased and maintained more 1800+ users days this month with a high of 1,954 users as a high, not a record though.

USERS: 47,864 (18.3% increase from July)

SESSIONS: 54,837 (15.3% increase from July)

PAGEVIEWS: 73,708 (14.1% increase from July)

Number of Posts: 525

Number of Words: 862,518 (words of posts only)

Email List Subscribers: 10K (hit it on Sep 2)

August Income

Man, $69 shy of my next goal $5,000/month but I'm going to chalk this off as hitting it as my next income report won't be til 5 figures.

August ends my 2 year mark for my website, so this is a good time to pause until I hit my next goal.

I have no clue what I need to do to achieve 5 figures, but I do have some loose ideas in mind that I'll be working on remainder of this year.

Majority of my income comes from WA's affiliate program as most of you know, but I still get questions wondering about this so I'll mention this now.

Here are my stats for August:

Number of Referrals: 706 (record)

Number of New Sales: 61 (25% decrease), though last Aug/17 also took a dive but this conversion rate is more inline with what I usually get with this kind of MMO traffic.

Number of Recurring sales: 91 (42% increase & record) July had 64, last record.

Number of Yearly sales: 4 (1 less than July)

My new sales number is usually higher than my recurring sales, except for 2 month but wasn't much higher than new sales.

To have 30 more recurring sales than new sales, that's incredible! I was also surprised that I was able to get 4 yearly sales in Aug as well.

My August payment is here (will not coincide with my earnings for those who are new to my reporting, actual payouts differ than when income is earned):

My Mediavine ads hit 4 digits for the first time! This is literally the best form of passive income!!

Remember this ad network won't accept you if you don't have 25,000 sessions in your last 30 days on your Google Analytics.

Your site should also be branded and have some social media presence to have a better chance to get approved.

What's Next?

I have already started my 2 year analysis and it's really interesting to look at everything at once.

The progress I've made, the work I have put in clearly shows the earnings don't come til later, the very nature of this online business.

I hope to finish this training series in the next couple of weeks so that I can share this with the community as soon as I can then onto my 5 Figure plans:

1) Create new sales funnel for my current site.

2) Launch new site.

I hope to be making 5 figures regularly by next year some time, if not 2020. Only a matter of time peeps!

Come sooner, or later, it will come!

How was your August??

I hope your August was a great one too and that you are enjoying your long weekend guys!

Until next time,


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