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So, I've stepped away a bit, not just from WA, but from everything with my face on it.I'm actually quite shy and didn't want to be so in front of the camera anymore. I wanted to try other things and other business models that I've been interested in learning more about.While I haven't promoted WA actively for 14 months, guess how much I still earned all this time?5 DIGITS!From all the other sources of income I had, this stream of income from Wealthy Affiliate was by far longest lasting and sti
Your Blog = Digital AssetHi Guys!I'm so excited to talk about this with you all as I hope will give some of you inspiration to keep going.I want to remind you that your blog is a digital asset that can live on the internet for a very long time as long as you keep hosting it.It's a digital asset worth perserving and investing your time into because if a "dead" site can generate a $3,944.63 payout in a single sale, could you imagine what this site could do if I hadn't stopped writing on it?This s
February 04, 2021
Here's a little update! :)Yes, I'm still around.Building more and more websites, and when you can get traffic from them with the right relevant offer, you get RESULTS!!My knowledge about websites all started here at Wealthy Affiliate. The income producing skills you'll be learning here are the same skills I have to produce results as above.Take this as motivation that building websites work! And you just need to put in the work to learn it and more importantly TAKE ACTION!To those who think I g
WOW 4 YEARS!!Has it been that long since I first signed up at Wealthy Affiliate?Yes it has.It's been an amazing 4 years and I really can't believe the amount of knowledge I've gained since that very first day!I remember coming on this platform as a newbie and wanted a training that gave me step by step instructions on HOW to do this thing called affiliate marketing.I still tell members that I remember that very first day Sep 7, 2016 as a free member and what a breath of fresh air WA was!I was s
Hello WA Warriors!I hope you are all safe and being healthy!We are living in crazy times STILL in the USA here and although there is caos, I still can report good news.At a time when so many people don't have jobs, I'm able to earn like this yesterday:Plus, the doesn't include my other smaller affiliate commissions, and ads.It's not everyday like this, but I also have other mornings where I wake up to something like this:So, what's the secret?Paid traffic? NOPE. I'm definitely not that good at
What a time we're living in!WOW!Could you imagine if we had to stay at home with NO INTERNET? *gasp*Or NO SMARTPHONES? *double gasp*Where would we be?No matter how dire our situation looks right now, we are all very fortunate to have the things we have today. I know I'm very grateful.We could do a LOT at home today than people who had to go through pandemics without the luxuries we have so TAKE ADVANTAGE.To me, personally, besides my house being crowded, my life hasn't changed that much becaus
Hello WA Warriors!I'm finally back home from my long week in Las Vegas and what a week I had! It's long when you've been in Vegas for 7 days, I don't think I've ever been there that long at one time. LolI had 2 conferences to attend: 1) Wealthy Affiliate's Super Affiliate Conference & 2) 10X Growth ConferenceI'm totally charged up from the two conferences and I have so many things I want to get done because of them!Not only I learned so much from WA's conference, but that 10X Growth Confer
January 23, 2020
I've been preaching this forever.Those of you who want to promote WA and come party with us in Vegas, this is the secret formula that I've been telling you about since I made it to Vegas.And at least one of you that actually listened to me, has made it to Vegas in 2019 and I get to meet this person next month!!!!I know a lot of you struggle especially when you think you've put in a LOT of hard work and nothing seems to be working.Just look at this message from a person who actually listened to
Hello WA Warriors!It's been awhile and this one will be one for the books as I will be sharing a lot of lessons learned in this post in order to help others here. I often show payment proof and all that, but this post it's not about the numbers.There is a lot I can share from what I've experienced with my blog and if I don't share it then others won't be able to learn about these potholes that they can potential AVOID.Because of my past posts and how I've been showing my income proof, I hope y
If you're going to build an online business, you might as well build one that takes into account Black Friday and big holiday sales.It sure brings in a lot of money in a very short amount of time and it's like Christmas in November which can be a lot of fun!Being a WA affiliate has been so rewarding, not only you're earning RECURRING commissions for life but you have the opportunity to rake in 3 digit commissions and those are always fun to get no matter what day of the year it is!Affliate webs