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Last Update: Feb 5, 2021

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Here's a little update! :)

Yes, I'm still around.

Building more and more websites, and when you can get traffic from them with the right relevant offer, you get RESULTS!!

My knowledge about websites all started here at Wealthy Affiliate. The income producing skills you'll be learning here are the same skills I have to produce results as above.

Take this as motivation that building websites work! And you just need to put in the work to learn it and more importantly TAKE ACTION!

To those who think I generated these sales on my email list:

Sadly my email list is sh*t (right now, that is), as I thought, and will be clearing it soon to save some money and hopefully won't have any WA members on it anymore. Lol no offense. ;)

Is WA Premium+ worth it? :)

Happy 2021 Everyone!

Hope all is well with you and happy building blog websites!


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It’s great to hear from you! I’m glad to hear about your recent success. I noticed you’ve been quiet here, but I understand why. Same case for me- I’ve been laser focused on my niche site putting out posts each week.

Your success stories are always motivating, and a great source of inspiration. Best of luck moving forward and keep up the awesome work. You’re one of the best around here!


Hi Eric, Thank you and glad to be around. The blogging business is a quiet business actually, it's the best business anyone who wants to stay behind the scenes and not be on social media. I love SEO traffic, it's way more dependable than social traffic by far.

I'm glad you can use my posts for motivation! You will see much success in your journey I'm sure. Celebrate every step of the way!


Good morning Grace,

It's great to hear from you and great that things are going well! It's amazing how far you have come in just a few years, well done.

I upgraded to Premium plus about a month ago, there certainly is a lot of information and training. To be fair, I have tried various training modules over the years and I believe that Wealthy Affiliate really does offer value for money. I have actually paid more for other training programs that only cover one subject. Whereas Wealthy Affiliate covers everything to help you make money online.

So in answer to your question, Wealthy Affiliate premium plus is worth the extra money!

Have a great day.


That's so great to hear Roy! I totally agree with you regarding the cost of the training here, this is very affordable compared to what's out there. As well, this works! A real true and tried method for years and for years to come too.

Glad you're doing well and enjoying Premium+!

Good morning Grace,

It's good to hear from you, as always.

I feel almost with all the training available here, I probably never need to go elsewhere. Although, I do subscribe to a separate YouTube course which is fairly specialised.

I haven't had a chance to make the most of premium plus as yet. However, I have listened to a couple of Kyle's training courses and they are excellent. I often tend to listen rather than watch the training as I can do this when I am working my off-line business. In other words, I'm doing two jobs in one!

Have a great day.


Great work! Happy to see you're still around!

For me, Premium+ isn't worth it yet. The additional benefits just don't equal 3x the cost for me. It's definitely nice to see Kyle be more active in webinars now but a lot of what Ive seen in P+ classes is stuff that's also covered elsewhere here on WA. I've only seen a handful of genuinely unique and interesting topics that I wish I could view. I'm sure over time as more and more P+ content gets added it'll be a more desirable upgrade for me.

It is early in development but there are already very valuable information in there and it's only going to grow. In time, maybe you'll convert. :)

I'm hoping so! There are definitely some features I'd like to see before hand. We'll see if they happen. Regardless, congrats on the success!!

It deffinitly if worth it. WP sites with the right template and/or code snippets, a solid premium customizable theme, perhaps from Themeforest, plus conversion plugins, or use the accompanying theme for more compatability.

With that, the training, step by step, earn as you learn, leads to profits. Sometimes you have to be patient when it comes to SEO, but it's crutial.

However, the Social Media Marketiing, PPC, Email Marketing, and extra trainings on Native Ads, as well as Article Submission, and link sharing to lead pages. Pretty Links and AIOSEO or Yoast are perfect, and exporting your links for PPC and Social Media Marketing audience, keywords, site links ie. review or lead page vs. affiliate link, All with tracking links for anlytics of course.

Study the top 100 affiliate marketing blogs in your niche for both Organic and PPC competitors, and plug them in Jaaxy, and export the best ones in your PPC, PPV, Social, Native etc. campagn. Just a little tid bit of what I have been setting up for a campaign I just started, thanks!

Very cool Roderick! Sounds like you have a game plan. That's great to hear!

I wish you much success with your campaigns and sites!


Missed you Grace , welcome back
Peter h

Thanks Peter! :)

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