18 Month & Feb '18 Update - Best Month Yet!

Last Update: March 01, 2018

Can't believe my site is 18 months old already and although it seemed like an eternityyyyy to get to where I am today, looking back, it doesn't seem THAT long... it's been a year and a half.

Time will pass you quickly and if you don't use each month to the fullest, you will just take longer.

That's what I did in the beginning... the first four months, I had another business I was doing at the same time, so I had only written 8 posts / month.

Starting 2017, I was able to start concentrate more to this business and started writing 12 posts / month.

I kept progressing more posts the first half of the year, then I went to publishing daily starting last Sep.

The results really speak for themselves if you follow what's been happening and I will get to my stats now.

For those who don't know, I am in the MMO niche, promoting mostly WA. (PS - please don't ask for my site, if you're in my niche, you'll find it in your research.)

The results below comes from SEO only, I tried PPC for a couple of weeks last May but got banned on Google Adwords, and never tried again. I kind of want to see if I can make it to Vegas without it.


14,014 Visitors - Feb '18

13,113 Visitors - Jan '18

865 Visitors - Feb '17 - What a year could do?!

18 Months: Over 78K visitors have been on my site! 134K Pageviews.

Feb '18: Avg 580 visitors a day, almost 83% Organic, 14K Visitors, over 22K page views.

Blog Stats

Posts: 366 (9 scheduled)

Pages: 18

Words: Just over 600K

Email subscribers: 2,340


I've been getting daily referrals since Oct 19/17, and in Feb/18, my results has been best so far in terms of referrals and sales.

Here's the detail chart of my referrals for Feb/18:

Here's the chart by month for the last 18 months:

What if I had quit at my one year mark and said "Hell with this! This doesn't work!"?

I would have missed what's to come and having my best month yet now.

I'm still at a 3 digit income and have been since Nov'17, I hope to hit that 4 digit soon!

SWAG Update

To be honest, I've been doing my own thing still since I've already done 95% what's been asked of us so far.

The only things I haven't done is being on the WA platform more by blogging weekly and being on live chat (I've done some but not nearly as much as I'd like).

I'm always available to my referrals as well as any other questions I have time for that I see I can help with when I'm on here.

Otherwise, most of my effort is on my site.

Looking Forward

I still have much work to do on my site to reach my ultimate goal of Vegas '19.

I want to hit 400 posts by the end of March.

I really hope the SWAG mentorship will move to more advance things like conversions and what we should be looking at in terms of improving our landing pages, a/b testing, etc.


Hope you enjoyed my update, I don't do this to show off or anything but to show how this business can grow.

I do however like seeing my own progression and it's nice to sit back for a moment and enjoy the graphs I see today vs a year ago.

Remember there are always going to be people who are "better" than you, and there are always going to be people behind you, what's important is that you "just keep swimming" as Dory says.

Some people do PPC and that gets them there faster, but I know SEO works from my results and I don't like to lose money, so I'm sticking with this for now.

I've always said that the first year could be hard if you're in a competitive niche like MMO... There are many other niches with less competition that result in $2K/month in 6 months with way less posts too but this is what I've chosen from the very beginning, I wanted to do this niche, so I want to see it through.

There are definitely more things I'd like to try once I hit my Vegas goal, but until then, it's one straight line to Vegas!

Hope you all had a great February and to many more sales for March!


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ElaineSmith1 Premium
Great job Grace!! Keep it up!!

Tried and true

littlemama Premium Plus
Appreciate this Elaine, thank you so much! :)
JeffL61 Premium
Grace, I am so happy for the success that you have been able to achieve here at WA. You are so correct when you stated that it could happen to anyone who mistakenly might think of throwing in the towel here as a member of WA much too soon. If it were to occur, which could have been in your case, you offer proof positive that by sticking with it you definitely HAVE been able to achieve so much success promoting WA to your readers.

I sincerely hope that you make it to Vegas in 2019!

littlemama Premium Plus
Thank you Jeff, you've always been such a great supporter and I really appreciate it.

It's really easy to quit, that's why lots of people do it. I hope these results will clearly show to new members what is possible and what this training does!

Thanks for your well wishes. :)
AlanJE Premium Plus
Good progress, I wish you more success as well, Best Alan
littlemama Premium Plus
Thanks very much Alan, I will keep going. :)
kimwolfe Premium
Nice stats! Thanks for the transparency.

I expect to see a "Vegas 2019 Was AWESOME" post from you next year :)
littlemama Premium Plus
Thank you Kim, that's very sweet of you to say. :)

I can't wait to write that post!
joshua1999 Premium
Congrats on the continued success 18 months in Grace! Shows what happens when you work hard and stick with it !
littlemama Premium Plus
Thanks Joshua, it's been a lot of hard work and sticking with it is really the hardest part of this whole business. If you can do that, you're golden!