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I have dabbled in online marketing off and on for a couple of years but haven't found the right platform and training to be successful. My background includes Director of H. R., Sales Management, Training and Development, Business Consultant and Real Estate. More recently I have done some freelancing, creating websites and a little online marketing but this has been to help others in marketing their businesses. I have 3 beautiful and loving kids who are my motivation to have a better quality of life. I am ready to make a change for the better and have more time to spend with my family. I am ready to turn the focus on my future.
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Marsh71 Premium
Hi Lisa, welcome to WA! Wishing you great success! Best regards.
Thank you Mahesh! I appreciate your encouraging words.

Warm Regards, Lisa
nathaniell Premium
Picking a topic for your website is really tough for beginners. Nobody wants to waste time on a website that won't go anywhere.

That's why I want to help you pick something that's gonna work for you.

The good news is that ANYTHING can work. I've seen some crazy websites out there. Here's some pretty weird ones: Here's some SUPER weird ones But really, it's all about you. What do you want to make your website about?

Drop some ideas in your response and I can help you narrow them down.
Hello Nathaniell,

Thank you for the reply and for the links to the income proof and Getting Started training. There is a lot of information here and I will be taking the time to go through as much of the training as possible but do want to get started with an action plan once I wrap my arms around the necessary steps. I will let you know if I need some help after going through the training. I have some consulting work I am doing for a real estate developer this weekend (my work doesn't allow for weekends off) but will find some time to also go through some of the training. I hope you have a great weekend and I will be in touch again soon.

Regards, Lisa
nathaniell Premium
I get it. People are skeptical since there's so many scams online.

That's why I created this list. These are real Wealthy Affiliate members generating real money with their websites. My favorite stories are the guy who made over $100k doing his website "part time", and another guy who made $29,330.68 in a single month.

Wow. Those are some sweet looking numbers.

I know you have what it takes to get there too. It all starts with a website. Did you make yours yet? The training starts here:
nathaniell Premium
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