The Lost Secret Of Pixate Mobile Design

Last Update: July 29, 2018

Pixate eliminates the necessity for code writing during web design. Its main objective is creating a linear creative environment when creating mobile apps. It automates complicated web design processes. This is another app which seeks to make web-design less code-orientated. It's intuitive and easy to use even in those who don't have much website design experience.

With Pixate, you are able to demo sites via mobile apps by connecting your Android and iOS devices.

You can then easily demo via your smartphone. It enables access to all information through your connected desktop. This innovative PC to smartphone connection is unique to Pixate.

Pixate is free.

Lisa Yang

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DavidPadkin8 Premium
Hallo Lisa Yang [ AKA Professor ]
I am so amazed how you keep up to date with so many Apps
I am behind with both Computers and Mobile phones which is a BIG Ouch . I need to go to Junior school mobile phones and computers.. .Thank you for your Post much Appreciated .
MKearns Premium
Visuals and mobile. A great marriage Lisa!