The Basics of Macaw Web Design Tool That You Can Benefit From Starting Today

Last Update: July 15, 2018

TMacaw has striking visual similarities to Photoshop, especially regarding its interface. It is marketed as a code-capable web design software. It’s great for designers and developers who are currently learning their trade, particularly coding techniques. Macaw is designed for the rapid development of wireframes as well as mock-ups and prototypes.

The manipulation flagship found in Adobe bears remarkable similarities to that of Macaw. A user should be able to use either or both if they have any experience in one or the other. Macaw generates both HTML and CSS in the background. This could be useful but in the WordPress generation, it may be limited.

Basically, Macaw automatically generates code and that's very impressive. It's received glowing reviews from many top-end sites and developers including Facebook who said

"I dunno what sorcery they're using to make the code, but it's amazing and beautiful."

- Mike Finch, Product Designer at Facebook

Automatic coding becomes very useful when you need to demo your UI to a client. It helps you easily make demos that feature out-of-the-box functionality. You won’t have to port or begin work with WordPress themes.

Macaw has received lots of great reviews. It is capable of making responsive designs. You can easily customize and add breakpoints. You can test features and view the whole overall picture of your site. It's a ground-breaker within the industry and the hope is that programs like Macaw will slowly remove the need for manual coding in website design. We won't know whether or not this happens for some time but programs like Macaw certainly make things much easier for professionals at all levels of design and development knowledge.

Macaw is free!

Lisa Yang

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feigner Premium
can you integrate it with wordpress?
it looks like a wireframe - prototyping sytem.
PaulREvans57 Premium
Thanks for this. Lisa.

A useful and informative post. I will have a look at Macaw!

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