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My name is Arya Yang, live in Switzerland. I’m an online entrepreneur, commercial assistant and private nurse. My dream is building a successful online marketing business. On a cold night I spend an evening watching Videos from WA and find it very helpful. Now I'm an Online Entrepreneur and Coach, share my knowledge everyday with people from around the world.

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KatherineN1 Premium
LisaAngel, you inspire me with your growing skills. I too love tomatoes and flowers. Daisies and Johnny-Jump-Ups are two of my favorites - plus they grow wild here in Tennessee. Of course Hank Williams Sr, did the same, back before your time, along with Whip-Poor-Wills and Dolly Parton. I'm just showing my age Angel as I envy yours.
Never give up on your dreams and they will come true.
LewisB1 Premium
Good Morning LisaAngle, how are you??? Me, confused!!!! I joined WA about six (6) days now, and I've reached out for help to set-up my website, but so far I'm not having very much success... For some reason, the information I was given, when I tried to follow what was given to me, it just doesn't come out right.... Is it possible that you could assist me??? It would be highly appreciated thank you,and be blessed!!!!!
SinisterO9A Premium
Hello Lisa, Still trying smooth out the information overload. Got my site started and looking good copy for content. I am enjoying the journey so far, had two affiliates lined up but discovered one offer was a scam and they are notorious for not paying commissions. S back to searching.. Contact me anytime. - Jeff
CathH1 Premium
congratulations of going Premium!
Just remember to stick to the training and you will soon have a site that could earn you an income online. You have everything here in WA to help you to succeed. It is, of course, up to you to put the effort in.
Good luck in all that you do here
Cath :-)
Brixton12 Premium
Thank you for the follow Lisa. You actually live in one of the country's that I have always wanted to visit. Sweden and Finland look like a beautiful area. Best of luck for you and your success, it's also really cool that your passing your knowledge one to other's that one thing I love about WA so far.