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Last Update: April 08, 2021

Hello! I just recently joined WA, and I'm so impressed with this platform. I love that everything you could possibly need is available all in one place.

I've gone through level 1 of training, and now I'm on level 2. My website is up and I've published a couple of posts. I want to do some work on customizing the theme a bit, so I'll need to figure out how to do that without messing anything else up.

Just wanted to write something short about getting started here, I'm sure I'll post updates here as I reach different milestones!

Feel free to reach out!


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exot Premium Plus
Would definitely like to know the updates on your milestones.
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, sounds like you are making some really good progress here Lindsey. You should be proud of your efforts thus far!

Keep us updated as you continue to move forward and of course if you ever need a hand, just ask!