Warning Signs in the Make Money Online Niche

Last Update: January 16, 2020

So, you want to make money online. BIG Money. The kind of money that will enable you to quit your job, like yesterday.

The only problem is . . . you don't know how. You have no tech skills, no list, no nothing.

So what do you do? Simple, you learn. And instead of using Google for hours and hours on end to figure this stuff out for yourself, you take a short cut.

You buy a $7 course.

Then your FOMO* kicks in and you spend $27 on the first upsell, $37 on the next and the finally another $17 on the last upsell, because you think you need them and they will get you to your goal sooner.

But they leave you disappointed and they don't deliver on their money making promises.

So you sign up for some more lists. Hoping that their freebies or their emails will actually provide some value. Instead all you get is pitches and then the worst happens.

Not only does your FOMO kick in again, but no you get a serious case of SOS**. Maybe this new product will be the ticket. And curiosity kills the cat once again.

Or in your case, your bank balance.

Before you know it you are one year down the line, with a hard drive full of mediocre products worth thousands of $. You have so much stuff, you even forget about the few good ones you do have.

And what do you have to show for it?

Absolutely nothing, because you are jumping from one project or idea to the next. Never seeing one through. So how could they make you money if you jump ship after 3 weeks.

So you “failing” is partly your fault, for not sticking with one thing and seeing it through. But the IM industry is also to blame.

Because while all those marketers are telling you to stick to one thing and complaining to each other that their followers don’t see anything through (yes, they actually do that). They are constantly promoting a new thing to you.

Besides that, there are a lot of red flags and warning signs in the IM industry. Here are a few things to watch out for if you are trying to make money online in the MMO niche.

Serial Launchers and Rehashed products

There are IM-ers that are serial launchers and they teach their "clients" that the best way to build a list is to sell products. So they in turn become serial launchers.

So many of them are cranking out 1 or 2 "new" products every month! On a normal day you can easily see 10 new products being launched. (don’t believe me, check out MunchEye)

How could you possibly create something good if you launch twice per month, with a product and 3 (or 4 or 5) upsells?!

I'll tell you what you get, you get rehashed products. An old product, with a new name, some new images and maybe one extra case study, which they and their affiliates will be hailing like the best thing since sliced bread.

Blind Sales Method

Of course these IM-ers don't want to give away their cash cow for free, so they promote their "brand new, never seen before" product on their sales page. 9 times out of 10 this is not a brand new never seen before method.

It’s just something a lot of people have been using but haven't created courses on or a slight twist on a tried and tested method.

BUT . . . for all you know, it's on a method you already use. But you don't find out until after you have bought it. Hello FOMO.

Luckily you can usually ask for a refund if you already know the method and honestly, don't be afraid to ask for one. If they don't want refunds they should be more clear about what they are selling.

Income claims are grossly exaggerated
(or downright lies)

You know the pages right, where they claim you can make $162.92 every single day!

That is pretty specific!

Not to mention highly unusual to make $162,92 every day unless you sell only one product with that exact price point every day.

Most of the time this is their highest daily income during their testing period and because you've got it once, you can do it again. And if you can do it again, you can do it every day.

A more realistic claim would be a number based on an average or $150+ every day. I have yet to see an income claim like this backed up with the exact amount deposited in their PayPal every single day, without fail.

They just don't tell the whole story.

Because of the way it's shown, this income could be from anywhere. The screenshots are generally speaking not full shots, so who says it was generated with that particular method or if the income shown is even from that marketer.

Stealing income proof or showing bogus income sadly is not an exception.

False claims on what you need

"Start earning money from day 1. And you don't need a list to do this".

I'm paraphrasing a little here, but you get the gist.

I don't care how many sales pages claim something like this, it's just not true. You always need an audience to be able to sell anything!

Whether you call it an email list or a Facebook fan page or SEO or whatever.

It's plain and simple, no audience no sales.

They may teach you how to build it, so you don't need it to start with. But how can you start making money from day 1?

Humungous Funnel

These launches are always filled to the brim. Most of them have up to 3 upsells and maybe on or 2 down sells. But beware of the funnels that have 5 upsells and 5 down sells.

I’m telling you they exist. I have seen a few of them and they always have incredibly long sales pages or video sales letters that take up your whole afternoon if you watch the whole thing.

The worst thing is when they price the front end at $7 but you actually need the next 2 upsells to be able to use the method (which will set you back another $67 at least)

Usually they tell you the offers are One time Offers. Never to be seen again. So you scoop the offers up.

When you get to the membership page you actually see the offers again (in case you missed them) and you get the upsell offers promoted to you in your inbox as well.

Beware of funnels!

My advice. If you really want to check something out. Just buy the front end. Keep the upsell page open. Then check out the membership/download page and see what is offered.

If you like it, continue through the funnel. But always open the no thank you link in another tab or anther screen to see if there is a down sell so you can score a deal.

Launching collaborations

You’ve probably seen them plenty of times. Where there are 3 (or sometimes even more) guys/girls working together on a product launch. They will all be prominently featured on the bottom of the page.

Does this mean the product is better? Generally speaking no. This is a case of lets combine our lists and see how we can all benefit from this launch.

What it means for you though is that all these 3 guys/girls will start emailing you.

Daily! Sometimes even multiple times a day. Because that is what they have been taught. And most of the time is all garbage. It’s all thinly veiled to get you to buy the latest product from their serial launching friends. And the other emails are just reminders to buy before the deal is gone.

Call me a cynic if you will, but I have been around for a long time and I have seen a lot of launches, been on plenty of IM-ers lists and they never live in my inbox for long.

From the past 18 months there are only 2 marketers that are still welcome in my inbox, most of them got the boot after a few days.

Where does this leave you

Clearly what you are doing now is not working for you. So I have a few suggestions for you.

1. Stop spending money on Shiny object courses.

2. Use the money you save from that (this will easily be $100-$150 per month saved) and use that to build your audience instead. (Facebook ads, solo ads, google ads, etc.)

3. Pick something, anything, as long as it's one thing and work at it non-stop. Success doesn't come overnight. Even most overnight success stories were 10 years in the making. My advise? Build a niche site!

4. Invest in your business. Invest in software. Get a domain, get hosting, get an autoresponder. Then if you feel confident, get a page builder too!

All these products basically boil down to 1 thing, which is one of the basics of any online business.

Your audience and how to reach them.

So, pick your soap box.

Whether you use the written word (blog), video (vlog) or audio (podcast), just pick one and get on that soap box.

Then pick your promotion strategy to drive traffic past your soap box. Social, SEA, Facebook Ads or Solo Ads, it doesn't matter.

Pick one that feels right for you, forget the rest and just start.

To your success,


** Shiny object Syndrome

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cris1018 Premium
More great stuff! Thanks, Linda!
lindasays Premium
You're welcome Cris
JonLake Premium
Absolutely priceless post Linda. We suffered with SOS for too many years to think about. I would hate to add up all the wasted money through the years. Would probably been able to buy the Range Rover that I desire!!!
lindasays Premium
I know right. I really want to travel the world but never had any money for it. But looking at what I spend on courses and SOS products the last 4 years before WA, that would have totally send me around the world for 8-12 months.
JonLake Premium
Pretty awful when you start adding it up isn't it?! Easier to see it as an investment in your online education and move on!!!
lindasays Premium
Much easier, cause in the end all my splurges led me to WA, so I wouldn't change a thing (except maybe finding WA waaaaaay before I ever started online)
JonLake Premium
Amen to that!
limaryd Premium
Wow!! I really needed to hear/read that right now.
Thank you so much for this inspiring, mind opening post.

I sure have the "SOS" and need to stop pronto and just start focusing on one thing only!
Thank you so much!

lindasays Premium
You are so welcome! I still suffer from S.O.S. at times. Especially around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I am proud to say that this year I haven't bought anything.

My hard drive is full of evidence and I am trying to clean house (ie. find new homes for all the logo's, domains and PLR) to focus only on my main site and shorter projects.
Lazercorp Premium
I too know these pitfalls, I've gone through them and bought the courses before and never made any money. interestingly making money online is my main websites niche as I want to teach people how to truly make money online without falling into the trap of courses and funnels.

Regards, Lewis.
lindasays Premium
I don't really want to be in the MMO niche, because you have to shout way to hard to be heard. Though I know I have a lot of valuable knowledge to prevent people from falling in the traps I did.

So I thought why not use the WA blog to do it. Also some new members to WA who are not really convinced this is the better way might find the insights valuable too.
Lazercorp Premium
Oh, I agree this is a great message to get out there especially to new members, when I was a new member I wish there was a post like this.

Lewis :)
lindasays Premium
I wish I had found WA 6 years ago, when I first really started exploring making money online. Then again, at that time I really wasn't sure what I wanted to focus on, so I might have ended up failing anyways....
Vickic3 Premium
what great information Linda and so much value here
I feel people in a majority are trying to make money the fastest way possible and by doing this, they are actually going backwards as you have explained here
Do it right and keep it simple and build trust
Thanks for a great post
lindasays Premium
Exactly. I was quilty of that too. First it was a job I really hated and desperately needed to leave and later I found myself broke with no prospect of a job. That's when you look for the short cuts.

But it's better to invest time and build something sustainable than spending all your money on nonsense while not building something at all.
Vickic3 Premium
Absolutely- those shiny objects are trouble for sure
All the best