The Art of Commenting

Last Update: January 16, 2020

There are two sides of commenting giving comments and allowing comments on your site. Of of course there is a subtle art to commenting and accepting comments. In this post I will talk about both sides and give you the benefits of comments.

Why allowing comments is important

There are quite a few reasons why it's important to allow comments on your blog and to actively encourage your readers to leave a comment.

Social Proof
With people commenting on your posts, basically means that you write great content. It doesn't matter if they agree or not, but people commenting on your article means they are engaged. So having comments, shows new readers that you have content worth engaging with.

Interaction with your readers
This is an important one. Because your readers are commenting, they are letting you know which content they enjoy reading. So you can easily learn what you need to create more of. Not only that, but by responding to their questions and interacting with them you form a deeping relationship with them. Which will gain their trust.

When people trust you and your content they are much more likely to sign-up to your newsletter or buy the products that you recommend.

Comments extend the length of your content, so that helps in regards to your ranking but on top of that it keeps your site active. We all know Google likes sites that are active, so adding quality comments to your post can only work to your advantage.

While comments are not as valuable as quality long form content that has been optimised for SEO or back linking it is certainly part of the ranking pie.

Why it's imporant to comment on other blogs

I probably don't have to convince you to open up your site to comments. Why you should actively leave quality comment for others might be a different matter.

Improve visibility
People that are looking on industry blogs might be on the look-out for the products or services you offer (or promote) but they just haven't heard of you. By leaving thoughtful and intelligen comments you are getting in front of a new potential customer. If they like enough of what the read from you, this could lead to great things.

Establish credibility
If you leave an intelligent comment that adds to the conversation and you show that you know what you are talking about, you gain credibility in the industry as an expert. Which will only increase your chances of attracted new clients.

Form relationships
When you consistently comment and add value to someone's blog, it's inevitable to form relationships with other bloggers. These relationships can lead to everything from guest post opportunties (YAY, more links and exposure) to collaborations where you create a product (or side business) together.

Build links
Many blogs will allow you to leave website link when you comment on a post. Because links in the comments are no-follow they will not directly add to the linking juice, but it will help with your overall increased exposure help with your natural link building. Plus if people like what you have to say they may just click directly through to your site to read more.

What is your goal

Before you start leaving comment you have to decide what you want to achieve with leaving comments. Are you trying to form a relationship with the blog owner for some collaborations down the line? Maybe you want to find new leads for your own blog or you just want to make friends to share your experience and to fall back on when you are having a tough time in the blogosphere.

No matter what your goal is, you are going to have to leave quality comments. To give value to their audience. If you leave bad comments your comment are likely to be rejected, so spending some time leaving a great comment is worth it.

How to leave quality comments

The biggest thing here is to avoid looking like a douche. Instagram bots are champs at that, commenting great pic on a quote and the like. So before you leave a comment it's important that you really read the post carefully.

This part of this post was inspired by instagram comment bots, people leaving comments on my website that were basically copies of part of my blog and didn't add anything at all. But mostly by a post I read about a year ago by Ryan Biddulph from Bloggin from Paradise, where he states 16 reasons to trash a comment. (I am way less harsh in my wording)

After my experience I decided to share what I have learned and hopefully help you increase the quality of the comments you are leaving inside and outside of Wealthy Affiliate.

Be a person
Leave your real name not an alias or a keyword, make sure email address matches your name. Saying your name is Mike, but your email address is is a nono. Also make sure you have an avatar with an actual picture of you, not a puppy or car or landscape. This doesn't add credibility, it screams spam.

Leave a thoughtful, relevant and respectful comment
Make sure you comment is relevant. Saying "great post" when it's actually a video embedded in a post is totally lame. Just that is way too short and doesn't add anything, so be sure to expand.

Add value to the post, spark conversation and always be respectful, whether you agree with the opinion expressed or not. Give your opinion on the matter and elaborate, don't just regurgitate pieces of the original content (yes, it really happens, I've had to reject several comments like that)

Always make sure to stick to the point and not try to give a comment of 200 words, when it can be said in 50. Don't just vomit a bunch of words, just for the sake of writing something.

Lastly, if you have nothing nice to say, just don't say anything at all.

Don't promote
Don't put a post to one of your articles in the comment or blatantly promote your (affiliate) product or service to the blog owner or his/her readers in the comment. Don't be a douche.

If you really want to link to a specific article, leave it in the URL section of the comment, this also works for your product or services page, though I will guarantee it will not amount to much, as people must first know, like and trust you before they buy from you.

So send them to relevant content where they can get to know you and your expertise, don't drop them on a squeeze page. It will increase the chance of your comment being trashed.

Multiple comments
If you want to build a relationship with the blogger leave a comment on more than one post. Add value in as many places as you can, so the blogger will actually start recognising you and see you as a valuable ally on their online journey.

Also you get more eyeballs on your comments and more people can get to know you this way.

Come back
If you leave a comment, especially via WA, where you add to the content, ask a question or provoke any kind of reaction from the blogger, be sure to come back to that post.
You want to engage further, add more value or just say thank you for the answer that you received.

Leaving comments isn't just about your bottom line.(collecting credits) If you give more than you take, you will reap the rewards from that in the long run. People will trust you sooner and like you more.

Hopefully this helps you leave great quality comments or know what to look for when accepting comments on your site. I'd love to hear from you if you have any other tips about commenting, feel free to leave it below.

What are you already doing? What should you start doing more of? Let me know in the comments below.

Talk soon,


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YanFellow Premium
Hi Linda - good advice. I hope those who need it, read it! :-)

One thing I'd like to add about WA comments is to look at the four ticky boxes for comment types to see which one(s) the web owner wants. Not everyone wants all four.

When leaving comments on outside sites, do you think it's ok to put your site under your name? You mention it but it, obviously, looks like promotion and even if you leave a good comment the site owner may be tempted to trash it. What do you think?

NickL88 Premium
I would think you definitely want to be careful when you put your URL under your name. I know when I read comments, and I see someone put their URL under their name, then I start to think that they are making a comment just to get me to visit their site rather than them really trying to interact with the material. Just my thoughts.
YanFellow Premium
That was my thought, too. Maybe we're just suspicious :-)
NickL88 Premium
I think so! :)
YanFellow Premium
But probably correct :-)
lindasays Premium
My advise would be to not do it. Just leave it in the URL box and nowhere else. It does seem very promotional. While not every blogger will trash your comment because of it, it will look spammy to other readers.

If I were to receive a really great comment with someone adding their link, I may just amend the comment to be without the link. But the comment would have to be pretty darn awesome for me to overlook that initial impression of blatant self promotion.
YanFellow Premium
Yes, I think you're right, Linda.

But that negates one of the benefits of leaving comments on other people's sites :-)

lindasays Premium
It actually doesn't, because the link is still there. People are savvy enough to know that there is a link behind your user name and to check for it if they like to see more.

Also, this prevents people coming from your site that aren't your audience anyway. No nosy people, just checking.
Marley2016 Premium
I did a training a couple of months ago for new members to
help them understand the difference between comments
and feedback - basically people do not know the difference
or they are not taking the time to do the training, and all
they are interested in is making the money.

Thank you so much for sharing maybe more members will
get the idea :)
YanFellow Premium
Hi Susasn - yes, alas true for a good few commenters.
lindasays Premium
Yes, I had that same issue. I got people giving me feedback about the site in the comments. Of course I had to reject those.

I do applaud the fact that WA is creating more ways to make money, I am not sure if this one has worked out to the benefit of the people asking for comments.

It definitely takes more time now to go through the comments you receive as there are a lot of people now just commenting on everything even though it’s not really their cup of tea, just so that they can be a certified commenter and make money.
YanFellow Premium
You're right, Linda. I think it needs a tweak :-)

I got 6 coimments yesterday. 2 we okish but 4 - yes FOUR! - were terrible. The post was a comparative review of 8 products complete with copious links and one commenter asks where they can buy 'the product'!

I do despair at times...