How do you build a Niche Site?

Last Update: April 19, 2020

Before we dive in, let's first lay out what a niche site is exactly. According to Webster's Dictionary, a niche is this:

\?nich also ?n?sh or ?nish \Definition of niche
1a: a recess in a wall especially for a statue
b: something (such as a sheltered or private space) that resembles a recess in a wall
2a: a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted. finally found her niche
b: a habitat supplying the factors necessary for the existence of an organism or species
c: the ecological role of an organism in a community especially in regard to food consumption
d: a specialized market

Obviously when we are talking about a niche in this case, we aren't talking about holes in the wall.

A niche website means that you have a website about a (very) specific product/topic or that your are marketing to a specific market.

In a nutshell these are the steps you need to take to build a successful niche website.

That seems like an oversimplification right? How about I explain each step in a little more detail.

Step 1 - Choose an Interest

You can't build a site, without a niche. Without a niche you cannot determine your domain and without that you cannot build a site. This is the step that most people get stuck at.

Sometimes you have no ideas at all, sometimes you have way too many. And more often than not you want to keep it way too general.

While fitness or health would be excellent options as plenty of people are interested in that, they are way too broad. You would be trying to appeal to everyone and by doing so not appeal to anyone at all.

A better approach would be for instance health & wellness tips for mothers with newborns or work-outs for active seniors.

Then there is the personal interest side of it. Some people look for the niches where the money is. Health, fitness and money would most definitely do the trick, but YOU need to be able to write epic posts about it.

If it bores you to tears, you will not do it, unless your will power is exceptional. And not writing means not earning money. We'll try to avoid that, won't we?

And in all fairness every niche, even the tiny tiny micro niches, can be monetized.

My advice (if you want it) pick something that you are interested in and that you wouldn't mind researching and writing about, post after post.

Step 2 - Build a Website

After determining your niche you can start building your website. To do so, you'll need a web host. This is were you website is built, like the plot your house is built on. On top of that you will need a domain, which is like your home address.

There are many hosts to choose from and none are really so bad that it would be the wrong choice if you are just starting out. So, just pick one. When it comes to pricing, I found Namecheap to be very reasonable and give great service. Some things have a bit of a learning curve but it's all figureoutable.

In the past years WA has quickly become my favorite host and registrar, because I get hosting and domains with unlimited email addresses. Plus, with the inhouse training courses, there is always something new to learn.

When you have your basics, you can install Wordpress. You'll want to avoid places lige, or and the like. These services are great and free, but at any time, your whole site could be taken down and you will be left with nothing. Not an ideal situation to be in if you are relying on that site to make you money.

After installing your Wordpress, pick a nice looking theme and get to building. This can be done in 30 seconds at WA. The speed and ease amazes me every single time.

Then do some keyword research (use Jaaxy, which is included in WA too) so you can write amazing high quality and keyword rich content that will get you visitors on autopilot.

Keep on adding content as often as you can (preferably at least once a week) because Google likes to send their customers to relevant and active sites.

Step 3 - Attract Visitors

The whole premise is to attract visitors through search engines. You want Google to send people your way when they are looking for information on your topic. By using the right keywords (get them from Jaaxy) you will get visitors. But this organic method can take a little longer before you are indexed and ranked for your target keywords.

Promote your posts on social media to help get more traffic. Cross promote you posts in Facebook groups (if allowed by the group owner). If you can, promote it on Google + and YouTube, Google will give you some extra love for that.

If you are finding it difficult to get the first visitors, you can always consider using Facebook Ads or Search Engine Advertising to draw more people to your site.

Want to avoid launching to crickets? You can always start building your following, while you quietly work on your site before launching it.

Step 4 - Earn Revenue

Now we get to the meat and potatoes. Earning money! There are many ways to make money from your niche site. I have listed 8 ways for you in a different post to get your imagination going.

The obvious choice is making money with affiliate marketing and move onto display ads and sponsored posts once your audience is getting a little bit larger. You can even start selling your own (digital) products, courses and coaching.

How about making money selling physical goods without having to have any inventory? Sound interesting? Then drop shipping could be your ticket.

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to earning online, and by the law maybe. :P

What step are you on?

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