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January 19, 2019
Last week, I came across a question about the customer life cycle and targeting the buyers with your keywords. This member asked what buying keywords are and I wanted to give some examples ...... but I realised pretty quickly I ran out of examples. And thus I took to Google, because Google knows pretty much everything and I found a list, that I would like to share with you here.Here is the list. (obviously change out KEYWORD for your keyword of choice)affordable KEYWORDbargain KEYWORDbest KEYWO
January 16, 2019
There are two sides of commenting giving comments and allowing comments on your site. Of of course there is a subtle art to commenting and accepting comments. In this post I will talk about both sides and give you the benefits of comments.Why allowing comments is importantThere are quite a few reasons why it's important to allow comments on your blog and to actively encourage your readers to leave a comment. Social ProofWith people commenting on your posts, basically means that you write great
The first time I had the idea of trying my hand at making money online through affiliate marketing was over 15 years ago. Over those years I have learned a lot and I hope you can benefit from my experience.A little backgroundOver 15 years ago, I was in college and it was the time of link pages. Remember those? Just a page full of links to interesting websites and some ads. This was during the time that pages full of links still worked and when they would actually rank in Altavista. (Yes, this w
January 03, 2019
Get rid of it!It sounds a bit harsh, but trust me, it is the way forward!In my day to day life I am pretty minimalistic. I don't have a lot of things, most of my things have been digitised and even my digital world is constantly being cleaned up.Honestly, I could put all my little things in a carry-on suitcase and a moving box that's me done. And that's how I like it. A couple of years ago I had a house full of stuff but I wasn't happy. I wanted to travel more, I wanted to live in the Caribbean
There are more ways to get to Rome and there are more ways to make money from your website. You can start with one and expand later or use more at once. Because most of these monetization options can be run simultatiously. It's your site, so you can pick one that suits you, your niche and your audience best.1. Banner AdsBanners once were the main monetization option for many a site, but things have changed a lot online in the past years. Banners are used less and less, but it doesn't mean it is
December 05, 2018
Before we dive in, let's first lay out what a niche site is exactly. According to Webster's Dictionary, a niche is this:nichenoun \?nich also ?n?sh or ?nish \Definition of niche 1a: a recess in a wall especially for a statueb: something (such as a sheltered or private space) that resembles a recess in a wall2a: a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted. finally found her nicheb: a habitat supplying the factors necessary for the existence of an organis
So, you want to make money online. BIG Money. The kind of money that will enable you to quit your job, like yesterday.The only problem is . . . you don't know how. You have no tech skills, no list, no nothing.So what do you do? Simple, you learn. And instead of using Google for hours and hours on end to figure this stuff out for yourself, you take a short cut.You buy a $7 course.Then your FOMO* kicks in and you spend $27 on the first upsell, $37 on the next and the finally another $17 on the la
Working a second job might not be on your radar at all. But nothing in life is sure, if nothing else that is what the economic crisis of 2008 taught us. Not even your steady contract at work is safe if the shit hits the fan. At any time you might be fired or get stuck at home with no income at all.Even if there is no other crisis impending wouldn’t you want to have some “guaranteed” income if you lose your job and cannot find another fast enough? So getting a side job now woul
It seems like everyone and their mother are making money as affiliate marketeers. Some call themselves travel bloggers, others mommy bloggers. You will see titles as content marketeers and straight up affiliate marketeers, but all of them have one thing in common. A large portion of their online income is coming from affiliate marketing.But what is affiliate marketing and how do you actually make money with it?I'll try to break it down as simple as possible.All these people are really sales peo
You probably know the saying, right?It holds true for everything in life and of course it also applies on building your own online business. Diversity is important, so that if one thing tanks, you still have something to fall back on.If you invest, you don't invest in just one stock, because if that one fails you have nothing. But if you have a diverse investment portfolio you will always have a few that will still make you money (or increase your savings)When you are saving for your retirement