[Closed] Giveaway: Prepping Paradise

Last Update: January 24, 2019

Up for Grabs. Totally free Niche Pack/Biz in a Box!
I am getting rid of projects that no longer serve me.

So you can get the domain name preppersparadise.org plus the content to build and monetize the site.

Check this post for more information.

The Background

Over the years I have had many ideas, I've been inspired and figured I could do that thing or that niche too. I'd get all excited and got started; logo's, articles the works, but then I would abandon it, because it's not really where my heart lies.

As I know that having all this still in my Namecheap account and on my hard drive is a major distraction for me I need to get rid of it. And fast. I want it out by the end of the year. The easiest way to get rid of it would be to hit ctrl, select and delete.

But, that would be a total waste. In the past I have been able to make other people happy by giving away a URL I wasn't going to use after all. And I wanted to do that again this time.

However the people on my list weren't very responsive. And then I thought of you guys!

Preppers Paradise


Domain name that is valid until january 2020. Great for a niche site about prepping. There are a lot of products to promote as an affiliate.

Also includes:
- a big pack of PLR content to use as articles, product reviews and social posts
- plr lead magnets
- plr and mmr ebook to add as monetization options to the site.


Listbuilding / Lead Magnets

Monetization ( 2 ebooks)

Training / Help with Set-up PLR products

Inspiration for this pack

What are the rules

I will leave this "offer" up for the rest of the week and pick the winners on Tuesday January 1st. I will contact the winners via private message.

I am looking for action takers, who will actually make something of these half started projects (most I have invested money in, so I really don't want to see it move to someone elses hard drive)

This is what you have to do:
- Leave a comment below
- Let me know if you are currenlty making money from a niche site
- Also let me know how many sites you are currently working on.
- And lastly let me know why you want to "win" this.

- Check your private messages on January 1st and claim the prize. If you don't claim it on that day, you forfeit and it will go to someone else.

The winner will be picked out of all eligible entries.

What do you need

If you win, you need to let me know what your username at Namecheap is (you can create a free account) so I can push the domain name to you for free. Also I will need your email address to send you the files via wetransfer. (I will not use your email for anything else, other than to send you the files)

Talk soon,


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qrwizard Premium
Thanks for the giveaway. I'm following this thread now to support the initiative ;-)
I am still interested, I am trying to learn about all this!. Sorriria ask, but what is a siterubix? I am really just beginning my journey in this big world...
LindaRiel Premium
No worries.
SiteRubix are the free sites you can build within WA. In this case it would likely be preppersparadise.siterubix.com.

Then later on you can move that to preppersparadise.org
LindaRiel Premium
Awesome, you got it! Can you send me an email and I will send you all the files and instructions on the transfer of the domain.
Drop me a line.

LindaRiel Premium
Hey Joanna, as you haven't gotten back to me yet, I have reopened the contest. If you send me the email I asked for, before someone else claims it, you can still take the pack.
Hi Linda!

It is very generous of you to offer your projects!
This is my first day here, I am still trying to understand this new world and I certainly have a lot to learn, but I am very interested in this niche! :)
Thank you and it is wonderful to have so many ideas!
LindaRiel Premium
Awesome Joana, I've put you down for this pack.

Only, I do think you might have to premium in order to be able to ïmport" the URL into WA and build the site here. But it's defo worth it to go premium, especially with a pack like this, you will be off to the races.

See why I love WA here:
Oh, ok! Well, maybe I need to learn first, I a bit o erwhelmed with so many things at once.. Thank you anyway! And good luck?
LindaRiel Premium
You can start building it on a siterubix site to begin with and move it to the domain later.
Let me know if you are still interested.