[Closed] Giveaway: Avalanche Beacon & Eat,Sleep,Slopes

Last Update: January 03, 2019

Up for Grabs. Totally free Niche Pack/Biz in a Box!
I am getting rid of projects that no longer serve me.

So you can get 2 domain names (avalanchebeacon.co and EatSleepSlopes.com) plus the content to build the sites.

Check this post for more information.

The Background

Over the years I have had many ideas, I've been inspired and figured I could do that thing or that niche too. I'd get all excited and got started; logo's, articles the works, but then I would abandon it, because it's not really where my heart lies.

As I know that having all this still in my Namecheap account and on my hard drive is a major distraction for me I need to get rid of it. And fast. I want it out by the end of the year. The easiest way to get rid of it would be to hit ctrl, select and delete.

But, that would be a total waste the time and money I invested in this, so I'd rather make someone else happy and help them get started.

Avalanche Beach & Eat Sleep Slopes


Domain name that is valid until december 2019. Perfect for a micro niche site (amazon associates).


Domain name that is valid until december 2020. Perfect for a authority site about winter sports (amazon associates).

Also includes:
-2 domains
- micro niche site with text for 1 homepage, 4 product review pages, 5 blog articles about avalanches and a logo
- big pack of PLR articles on skiing

What are the rules

I will leave this "offer" up for the rest of the year and pick the winners on Tuesday January 1st. I will contact the winners via private message.

I am looking for action takers, who will actually make something of these half started projects (most I have invested money in, so I really don't want to see it move to someone elses hard drive)

This is what you have to do:

- Let me know if you are currenlty making money from a niche site
- Also let me know how many sites you are currently working on.
- And lastly let me know why you want this specific prize and what you will do with it.

- Check your private messages on January 1st and claim the prize. If you don't claim it on that day, you forfeit and it will go to someone else.

The winner will be picked out of all eligible entries.

What do you need

If you win, you need to let me know what your username at Namecheap is (you can create a free account) so I can push the domain name to you for free. Also I will need your email address to send you the files via wetransfer. (I will not use your email for anything else, other than to send you the files)

Happy Christmas!


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feigner Premium
Hi Linda, thanks for offering this.
it has possibly opened my eyes to what was under my nose.
I used to design plb's,epirbs, elt's - so maybe this could be a very good niche for me.
I have investigated pingers, as i was going to add one of these to a current beacon to increase the functionality, but it was rejected by the company.
I would be very interested in taking this information forward and expanding on it.
I am currently running best3dprinter, although that is not being worked on currently, it is making a little money, and has about 3k visitors monthly.
i am just starting a blog where i can put articles that don't fit anywhere else in filsphilosophies,stan-techdotcom.- this is very new and needs more work.
knowing all about the gps system, the cospas-sarsat system ( dealt with the governinig body for a few years) and am aware of the new beacon requirements (sgb) i would like to be considered for this wonderful prize.
again many thanks for stimulating the curiosity in this area, i will be investigating it.
LindaRiel Premium
Oh wow, this would be a perfect niche for you! I am keeping it open until the 31st, but if no-one else puts their hand up, it's totally yours.
feigner Premium
yeah ...as others have found their niche is right under their noses.
but i don't thing i was ready to do it when i first started.
blown away by your generosity Linda.
LindaRiel Premium
Guess what? It’s yours! Sending you a private message now.
feigner Premium
Many thanks - responded