10 reasons I love Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: February 16, 2019

Before you think, of course she loves WA I bet she has made plenty of money here, I want to let you know that I have been with WA for a little over 2 years now and have NOT made any money online yet.

For one simple reason. I don’t really have a website up yet. I started a few, then changed my mind mid project and started over a few more times. Then I completely stopped for a bit to figure out my next move. Way to many ideas and ambitions and too little time! But I know affiliate marketing works (I’ve seen the proof)

(I think) I have now found my sweet spot and will be taking a slightly different approach, but at no point in the past 2 years have I even remotely considered leaving Wealthy Affiliate and I don’t see myself leaving any time soon either.

So without any further ado, these are the 10 reasons why I love being part of Wealthy Affiliate.

Great hosting

While Wealthy Affiliate might not be the first place you’d go for hosting, it’s actually an excellent choice. Hosting at WA is extremely fast with an average page load time of 1.3 seconds. And all your sites have a FREE (take that in for a minute) SSL certificate, which is super important if you want to be found by Google.

To make sure that your website is always available your sites are double hosted. Meaning that if one of you sites would go down for some reason, there is always a mirror of your site running in the background.

Every day a backup of your site is made. So if you mess up something, you can always get yesterday’s version back online.

What’s even more impressive is the security. WA are able to stop hacking attempts and spam messages before they happen. So you know your site is always secure.

See how WA hosting compares to other well-known hosting companies.

Build a site in UNDER 30 seconds

It’s so easy to build a website at WA. Just pick your URL and you can install your Wordpress based sites within 5 minutes. Simple click on Websites / Site Builder choose a free domain (Siterubix) or a domain you already own. Choose the domain name. Enter the title to your site and choose a design. And you are done. Wealthy Affiliate does the rest.

Don’t believe it can be done that fast? Try it and time yourself, you will see it can be done.


When you sign-up on Wealthy Affiliate you get access to excellent training. Not only are the owners Kyle and Carson developing training to help you on your journey. Other members are also creating training based on their own experiences.

As a free member you have access to the first level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the first level of the Affiliate Bootcamp. Going premium will unlock the rest of the levels for both training tracks.

I highly recommend anyone to go through the OEC training first as it will take you step by step through building your own affiliate site. From picking the niche, to creating the content and promoting that content. Once you have successfully build one (or maybe two) sites, head on over to the Affiliate Bootcamp. You’ll then learn how you can best promote WA.

To me the best parts of being a premium member are Jay’s live WAbinars that happen every Friday. Unfortunately I cannot attend live, but I always enjoy watching and re-watching the recordings. Jay regularly builds out a niche site for all to see and also does hot seats, where he takes a look at your site and helps you improve parts of it. Just these webinars alone make it worth the monthly fee.

Get your domains with no upsells at a low price

You can buy all the domains you want at a consistently low price. Your new .com will run you $13.99 per year, every year. So no bargains this year and paying a premium for every consecutive year after that. I've been with many registrars that offer pricing like this and really appreciate the transparant pricing at WA.

AND it includes everything, so no upsells. Your email addresses and mailboxes are included and most importantly your domains are protected against spammers and you have full domain privacy.

No Spam comments

All websites are protected against spam comments. Which is a major time saver!

For one of my employers I was working on a Wordpress website that wasn’t hosted with WA and we got 2,500 spam messages per month. It becomes very difficult to filter out the real comments when you have so many to struggle through. And every time I had to go through it all I was wished for was that the site was hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, so I wouldn't be wasting my time rummaging through the garbage that are spam comments.

Site Feedback System

If you ever wonder what other people think of your site, then get some feedback from fellow WA users. You can get very blind to the faults of your own creation (it’s your baby after all), so having multiple eyes look at your site and give their honest feedback is incredibly helpful.

This is a feature that is for Premium members only and every piece of feedback you request costs you a credit. You can buy credits to “pay for” the feedback, but you can also earn them by creating training that WA-members love, give feedback on other people’s sites or leaving comments on their websites through the Site Comment System (see below).

Site Comment System

I’ve touched on this system in the reason above for a little bit. But this is the absolute beez-knees!

When you just start out a website and start creating posts, nothing looks more sad than the notification that there are no comments yet.

Comments on your posts mean that your content is engaging and that your posts are actually being read by people. It also encourages other people to comment, nobody want to be the first to comment do they. It’s the same as that no-one picks the empty restaurant.

Besides that, Google loves an active site too.

This is a feature that is for Premium members only and every comment you request costs you a credit (like the feedback system). You can buy credits to “pay for” the comment, but you can also earn them by creating training that WA-members love, give feedback on other people’s sites or leaving comments on their websites through the Site Comment System.

Site Content System

This feature was recently added to Wealthy Affiliate and it’s created to make it easier for us to create content. The first thing that’s great about this feature is that you can set your writing goals. How many words do you want to write each week. Setting up goals here is a great first step to actually meet them.

Some people have great ideas for content but are not as good on the spelling and grammar side of things. This might stop you in your tracks, so WA has added a critical grammar check and spelling checks to the Site Content System. Not only do they check for errors, they also check for duplicate content. To make sure everything is original and that Google will not penalise your post for "plagiarism".

As this is a new feature, it’s being updated frequently and the 2.0 version will have some significant updates. I’m very excited to see what they have come up with now!

For a walk through of the system, check Kyle’s video about it.

Access to an Awesome Community

You have access to an amazing community at WA. You can ask questions, write internal blogs (like this one), comment on internal blogs and hang out in the chat and connect via private message. Some of these features are only for Premium users (at $49/mo, it seems like a lot, but you get so much in return.)

People at WA are all happy to help. You will frequently find founder Kyle or teacher Jay in the chat interacting with people and helping out.

If the community cannot help, you always have Site Support (premium) and they are the BEST. Super quick to reply to your questions and problems are generally speaking solved in a heartbeat.


While some people might join thinking they instantly get an audience to pitch to, this is the biggest No-No there is on WA. You may talk about your experiences with programs/systems, but self-promotion and sharing affiliate links to anything is not allowed AT ALL

Many have tried and many have been reported and have been slapped with a writing ban. I love this, because it means I can focus om myself, on my own work and not be distracted by shiny new things that look promising and that actually a bunch of hot air.

And, I also have a little bonus reason!

The Affiliate Program.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a very generous affiliate program, which will get you recurring income for everyone you sent over to WA and signs up as a premium member. So besides making money off of your niche websites you can also make money from referring people to Wealthy Affiliate.

As a premium member you get an approximate 48% commission on the monthly fee. So for every member that signs up you get $23,50. This could turn into a very nice side income as 12% of the members statistically go Premium. Not to mention the yearly recurring commission. On the yearly price of $359 ($22.90/mo or $0.98 per day) you get a $175 commission

Best part, you can even earn commissions as a FREE MEMBER (which you can be for as long as you like), sure not quite as much as when you are premium, but still $11.75/mo or $87.50/year is nothing to sneeze at.

And as a reward for the really good affiliates, WA offers a yearly all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas. Carson and Kyle take all super affiliates on a private conference where you get a sneak preview of what’s to come at WA. If you want to know more about the conference, read this post Kyle wrote about Vegas 2018.

Las Vegas is pretty awesome and a visit to Sin City should really be on anyone's bucketlist. (Just saying) And what better way to experience Vegas than during an all expense paid trip with your WA friends?

Not a (premium) member yet? What’s stopping you? Sign-up now!

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