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How do I get a home page tab in my menu if it isn't there?

How do I get a home page tab in my menu if it isn't there?

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I'm in the Menu section of the training. I see that I don't have a homepage. In the training Kyle has 'Home' in his menu, it appears by default. I'm using the theme ASTRA.

You need go to Settings > Reading and check what you set up your blog to i.e. latest posts or a static page.

The theme makes no difference.


You can create a link to your home page using a Custom Link

Thanks, I figured out to do that!

This might help. On site menu, go to appearance>menus>add to menu. The mechanism for adding a page is pretty self-explanatory once you are there. You add on the left side of the page and name and create menu placement on the right hand side.

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