One more step! Slowly .

Last Update: December 08, 2015

"Slowly, slowly" - said a lady who was woofing at our farm this summer.

A wwoofer is someone who are interested in Organic farming, and who wants to work on an Organic farm for lodge and food.

We have a farm like this.

We have a various of people from all over the world who come and Wwoof at our farm. Mostly in summertime. And mostly young people. (Age 21 - 35)

This lady was 73!

But so young in Spirit. And she always said: Slowly - Slowly.

A good thing to get reminded of. Cause I often tend to never stop, never make a break during the day. Just wanting to accomplish one more thing, then one more thing. "If I just get this done, then......then I can get this done too...."

The list will never end.

So, here I sit in front of my MacBook, writing, making ads for our wool slippers on Amazon for the Christmas Rush. With a long list that never ends.....

Drinking my tea, unconsciously.

When I suddenly remember Leila´s words: "Slowly, slowly.

I stop!

Carefully take my tea cup. Bring it up to my mouth. Let the tea slowly come into my mouth.

How does it feel? What temperature is it holding?

What is the taste actually like?

I sit like this for a minute, maybe two. Drinking Slowly, slowly.

I send Leila a "Thanks you" and know that this moment today will be one of the few moments I will remember from this day. The conscious moment with my tea cup.

And than writing this Blog post, before rushing into my - site or more stories about the release of our Wool Slippers.

Thank you for taking the moment to read this.

Live, Laugh, Love

Linda :-)

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KatieMac Premium
What a inspirational lady who passed your way, I can get the same my friends and family said I should have been named " just one more thing to do" lol hope it is all going well and wish you a successful Christmas campaign
LindaFosse Premium
Yes, she was an extra ordinary woman.
Thanks a lot, Katie. ALl the best to you too.
Exciting times.
Live, Laugh, Love
Linda :-)
fmwaniki Premium
a good inspiration there
LindaFosse Premium
Thanks a lot!