My Amazon Journey

Last Update: October 16, 2015

Today I have written a post on my site "How to sell on Amazon for beginners" and Amazing have thought me SO much the last months of my life, that I sometimes feel overloaded.

But, it sure is fun and great to learn new skills.

The story of:

  • When I started selling on Amazon
  • What product I chose
  • Have I sold anything?
  • And if yes, what have I been selling?
  • What is coming up next for me on Amazon?

I have managed to put links and HTML into the post. :-)

Walking in the right direction. Slowly, slowly......


My other site have been suffering a bit now, but I am doing a lot now, on the Norwegian market with the topic "What is the secret in life", so my english site have to wait a tiny bit.

If you want to spend some minutes to take a look at the post, you are more then welcome.

Thank you all for a great week with you all!

I wish you a great weekend, and all the best in the world!

Keep on rolling!

Live, Laugh, Love

Linda :-)

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idobarnoam Premium
Hi Linda,
The site looks great!
It also sounds you are really hitting it off, Excellent!

Really happy for you.

Keep going!
LindaFosse Premium
Thanks a lot! Exciting times :)
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Linda great looking site things are going good for you . Keep charging.
LindaFosse Premium
Thank you, so much. Yes, I will :-)
kennick2015 Premium
You're doing well Linda. Your new site looks good.
LindaFosse Premium
Thanks a lot, Ken.
KatieMac Premium
Well done Linda you have been busy I seem to have three projects going and it is giving me a headache but exciting at the same time, but it needs doing glad things are going well for you and wish you every success and have a wonderful weekend
LindaFosse Premium
Thanks a lot, Katie.
Wish you too all the best, and enjoy your weekend. :)