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January 13, 2016
Hello, all my WA friends.Since I come from Norway, English is not my native language. And that is a challenge when doing business online, on the US Market. I have tried different tools, but today I want to tell you about the BEST tool I have found so far.I do not have the full version, as some of you might see, cause then the language would maybe be better, but this FREE version helps me correct all the things I write in English on my computer. If it is on Facebook, or Twitter, or here, or anyw
WOW!The first whole week in 2016 is almost gone, and I have done so much!I have, thanks to you guys, managed to put an Amazon Ad, with myself as an affiliate for my own product on Amazon, in the sidebar of my site! VICTORY!And I have managed to put a slideshow on the other side of the sidebar. :-)I have got a guy at to make a video for me. The first one! And I have posted it on my new YouTube-account for Askeland Farm.I have written HTML in my sidebar. VICTORY!Well, for me it has bee
January 03, 2016
- indoor walkin :)Happy New Year.A new year with new possibilities."These boots are made for walking" indoor walking :I have focused a lot on my Slippers on Amazon the last month. I have learned so much here at WA. It has given me some great tools I needed to make this work complete. I love the community and all the support you give in here.I have not been so active on the blog and posting in here the last weeks, but I will be. :-)My latest post on our Norwegian Wool Slippers was posted today.
December 08, 2015
"Slowly, slowly" - said a lady who was woofing at our farm this summer.A wwoofer is someone who are interested in Organic farming, and who wants to work on an Organic farm for lodge and food.We have a farm like this.We have a various of people from all over the world who come and Wwoof at our farm. Mostly in summertime. And mostly young people. (Age 21 - 35)This lady was 73!But so young in Spirit. And she always said: Slowly - Slowly.A good thing to get reminded of. Cause I often tend to never
December 01, 2015
I am SO excited today! :-)One huge step for me has finally come true. It is always just to not give up, follow the heart and GO!Sometimes life turns out in the most mysterious ways. And sometimes we do not listen to the voice within. Too busy making a living.Or thinking this road will lead to salvation for the soul (or a new car)Well, today, I realized that Wool Slippers are probably going to be a bigger part of my life than I thought in the beginning.I am not sure, but it sure feels like that
As some of you might know I have two websites here. One is about "What is the secret in life" and the other one: How to sell on Amazon for beginners.I have been selling on amazon since march, but I picked a product with way to high competition, and falling prices, so since May I have done nothing about it. And of course, when I stopped advertising, nothing happened.I was occupied with other business until recently. Now was the right time to start up again on Amazon.I wanted to sell the Boiled W
November 05, 2015
So, what´s up?I have to say I feel things are rolling. Thanks to WA I have got so much knowledge that I was missing in doing business online.I have taken up my Amazon business again, I have started to blog in both english and Norwegian about "How to follow a dream" and live a life worth living. Go live your life with passion, it is NOW that is we are here.We are all given an amount of time here. We just don´t know how much time we have left. So, we need to act NOW!Plan as if we shou
October 26, 2015
I finally understood the Law of Attraction! weekend me and my spouse sat down and looked at a DVD I had bought from Hay House.It is called "Co-Creation at its Best". The film is a recording of a conversation between Esther Hicks channeling "Abraham" and Dr. Wayne Dyer, in front of a live audience in 2014.Who is Esther HicksIf you are not familiar with Esther Hicks, she and her husband have been channeling "Abraham", a collection of divine
October 16, 2015
Today I have written a post on my site "How to sell on Amazon for beginners" and Amazing have thought me SO much the last months of my life, that I sometimes feel overloaded.But, it sure is fun and great to learn new skills. story of:When I started selling on AmazonWhat product I choseHave I sold anything?And if yes, what have I been selling?What is coming up next for me on Amazon?I h
October 12, 2015
JUUUHUUUUUUU! :-DSO, now I have paid for a full year here at WA.I love it so much, and I do not want to miss out one month!I found this site by accident ( if there is something that is called "by accident" ) on the last day of August, and WOW, this have sure been a great ride so far. I have put up two websites. I have had my first affiliate money coming in, and I have almost ranked on page 1 for my main keyword (Page2)I have learned SO much, and I can not believe anyone can do a online success