Questions by LindaF 8

Is there any body that has knowledge about domain names?
I am leaving WA at the end of the month and it was sujested that I sell…
11 months ago 31 Replies
How do I change the picture on my website?
I want to change the picture on my blog roll home page how do I do this?
1 year ago 11 Replies
How to add a pdf download to side bar?
can some one help me with adding a PDF file to side bar for free download
2 years ago 10 Replies
How do I turn on the comment on my web site?
I have had two replies to this question but I have not been able to turn…
4 years ago 6 Replies
Keywords how to apply them in my web site?
Kyle I under stand the concept of key words but I don't know how to apply…
4 years ago 10 Replies
Where do I get the comment box for my web page?
I have looked every were for a comment box can some guide me to where…
4 years ago 2 Replies
The like button in comments?
I have noticed that few people hit the like and was wondering if there…
4 years ago 8 Replies
What is a gravater image?
how do I get a Gravatar image
4 years ago 3 Replies