Early Warning Signs of Heart Attack or Stroke

Last Update: May 25, 2019

A few weeks ago I spent a couple of hours at the ER because my left arm was having severe aching from my shoulder to the elbow. The pain then radiated down to my wrist. I knew this was one of the early warning signs of heart attack or stroke. I started getting involuntary spasms in my right arm clear up to my lower lip. My husband dialed 911.

I called a good doctor friend from out of town, who I often go to for medical advice, and he told me I needed to go to the ER to rule out a heart attack. “The least they’ll do is send you back home, but then you’ll know.”

I had felt light headed earlier in the morning, and on the way to the ER I was nausiated. I had several of the warning signs.

At the ER

After an EKG, the doctor administering some heavy pain and anti-inflammation medications, and a couple of hours later, I was sent home with prescriptions for some pain pills andand anti-inflammation pills. Whew, it was only bursitus.

I have heart arrhythmia which is kept in check by a pacemaker, so I have been made well aware of the symptoms of a heart attack. Not to mention that my husband had almost died from a heart attack ten years before.
So I don’t mess around when it comes to heart attack symptoms.

I have a few medicines that I am allergic to and so I am always alert to my sensitivity to meds. Consequently, I look for alternative steps to take instead of medications, where ever possible.

Using alternatives

About 35 years ago I learned about some magnets to wear in the shoes which helped my peripheral neuropathy symptoms immensely. I still have a good pulse at my ankles. and the jabby prickly pains from neuropathy are seldom felt. I have often used a smaller magnet on painful areas.

So the thought occurred to me, to try using those shoe magnets on my arm. I laid them on the bed, Under my arm and crazy as it sounds, the pain was gone next morning. And I didn’t have to use more than one pain or inflammation pill after my ER "dry run" to the hospital.

I remember making "dry run" to the hospital when I was ready to deliver some of my children. I hated to go there only to be told that I was not in labor. So you have to know how reluctant I was to go unnecessarily to the ER.

Heart attack warning signs

What are the Signs of a heart attack or stroke?

The American heart Association States:
“ know the warning signs of heart attack and stroke”

  • Chest discomfort
  • Discomfort in other areas of the upper back
  • Pain or numbing in the left arm
  • Shortness of breath
  • Breaking into a cold sweat
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness

Minutes matter!

Learn the signs, but remember: even if you’re not sure it’s a heart attack, have it checked out. Best action can save lives – maybe your own. Don’t wait - call 911 or your emergency response number.“ ....American heart Association

This was my own experience. I am not a medical advisor, nor do I give medical advice! But The American Medical Association makes it pretty clear.

I share this experience with you in the hope that one of you reading this will have the knowledge and courage to act and perhaps even save yours or one of your loved ones' life.

When all is said and done, when it comes to symptoms of a heart attack, it’s better to be safe, and embarrassed than sorry, with regrets.

I would love to hear your experience and comments below.

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FKelso Premium
Good message, and one I will heed.

I need to start using my Magsteps again (the magnetic foot pads). I wore them for years...was a Nikken distributor for 10 years. I love their products.

I agree -- safe is better.
LindaBaxter Premium
I didn't know whether to say Nikken or not in my article. But yes, they were Nikken Magsteps. I have a little round one that I've used on sore spots many times.
Enjoy your weekend!
EHR Premium
As my heart attack from 3 weeks ago is still fresh in my mind. I knew something was wrong for 15 minutes before the ambulance was called. I was in denial. I just wanted it to be something else. When reality dawned on me the pain was not going away I was sweating heavily. Thankfully the fire station was close and the hospital was 15 minutes away. I was in the ER 45 minutes after the first symptom. I understand a lot of people are not that blessed. I had the heart attack, was in great medical care, the stents placed all inside 2.5 hours.
LindaBaxter Premium
Thank you for sharing. That must have been frightening. I remember feeling nauseous on the way to the ER, and my husband hunting frantically looking for a bag, all the while trying to avoid hitting parked cars. Finally, I said, "just pull over so we don't have an accident." It is hilarious thinking back on it, but not sp at the time.
Babou3 Premium
Thanks for all this advices.
In women heart attack are more difficult to detect.
The mother of a friend had a horrible stomach ache.
In the hospital the doctor thought it was a bad digestion.
Luckily when she was leaving the hospital
she lost cousciousness right in front of a nurse and they understood what happen after several exams.
She could have lost her life.

Have a great day!
LindaBaxter Premium
Thank you for sharing this experience with us. This woman was very fortunate to have passed out where she did.
Best wishes.
APachowko1 Premium
The problem is that heart attacks affect people differently. Some do not get chest pain at all but feel 'out of sorts'. The best advice if you feel really ill call an ambulance.
LindaBaxter Premium
Yes, my husband had no chest pain, but he had excruciating pain in his leg. We didn't even realize he had a heart attack until years later when they were trying to put in a pacemaker and the surgeon found his heart was scarred from a heart attack.
LawalAremu Premium
Thank you for sharing your experience with us Linda. I learned a lot from this.
LindaBaxter Premium
I'm glad my article was helpful for you. I was reluctant to go to ER at first, but my husband and the EMT's convinced me I should go. It is amazing how unwilling our minds can be.

Best wishes