Updates done and a WOW lesson learnt.

Last Update: March 04, 2020

Well I saw Kyle's blog on whats coming first of all the changes happening here at Wealthy Affiliate in the coming months.

So I thought I would write a blog post on my website about it. Good call I thought. Got it finished and published and advertised. Result, very well pleased with myself.

Then I noticed a message on my profile. It was from Petra reminding me that information on my posts would need to be changed. I was grateful for the reminder and decided to get it over and done with.

Several hours later am very happy. I updated the info where necessary about the change in the amount of websites available from 16th March. To do so I had to go through every post of course.

While doing that I updated other stuff and was very happy to see my SEO jump higher.

Now I was greatly surprised to see one small thing that made a huge difference. On this particular post the SEO jumped from 23 right up to 72 in a second.

I had been trying everything I could think of to improve the SEO on that post, nothing seemed to work. Having more posts to update at that point I decided to save it and get on with other posts.

Then I looked at the title and decided to remove a comma. Not a big thing surely.

Apparently it was as the SEO jumped straight up to 72. Lesson learnt, I won't be putting any comma's in my title again.

Hope this info will help someone else too.

Not blogged here for ages as I have been so busy with my sites. Hope everyone is okay and doing well.


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Johnpavich Premium
Well who would of thought a little comma would be that important🤯.
However wasn't it a simple O RING that caused the shuttle to explode🤯
Thank you for this info Linda, have a great day😎☝️
Linda103 Premium
You are welcome John, it surprised me a lot that it made such a big difference.
dowj01 Premium
Thanks for the tip.
Linda103 Premium
You are welcome Justin.
drjec Premium
Who that's a cool piece of information that I wouldn't have thought of. Your success with help all of us.
Linda103 Premium
I hadn't thought of it, or noticed it before either Jim.
EdwinBernard Premium
Who knew! Thanks for this tip Linda.
Linda103 Premium
Not me, that's for sure Edwin. Just had to share something this important.
APachowko1 Premium
How do you get the SEO score? I think the problem is that people in general do not use commas period ( pun intended). Although in the UK we call it a full stop, much more descriptive.
Linda103 Premium
I too am in the UK. A full stop is different from a comma, .

I use a free plug in called Rank Math. Google it. It does loads of stuff and tells what is scoring, if you have the focus keyword and if its repeated enough, you can put in a main picture from a special box etc.
There is a lot to it that I am learning gradually. I now have it on all my sites. Worth a look and see how you get on with it.