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June 23, 2019
So I am looking at Themes for a new website. For my first I just clicked on the 1st one I came to as I can't tell the difference. The pictures etc showing on them are changeable so what is the difference. Do they do different things? Is one better than another? Should you choose one type for affiliate marketing and another for a different subject?I have read various blogs with people dicussing themes but still don't get it. A few different takes on it should, hopefully, get through. If you kn
June 16, 2019
It's another Monday morning. How do you feel?Depressed at the thought of the week ahead or excited?Seems to me that most people dread Monday and spend their days dreaming of the weekend.Is this any way to live?No, it's not! But how can you change it? Do you want to leap out of bed on a Monday excited for the possibilities ahead?All it takes is a little tweak. Think of Monday as a mini New Year. No, don't laugh, just try it.Think of the excitement you feel at New Year! The endless possibilities,
June 02, 2019
Since I bought my domain from WA I keep getting the message below. It won't accept any post URLs, new or old.'URL not in propertyInspect a URL in the currently selected property or switch properties'Every other site and blog I have is fine, accepts the URLS and indexes them.Just not my WA site. It did start to work but not now. Any ideas? I have been checking it but still not doing it.Would be grateful for any suggestions.Edit: All Sorted out now thank you.
May 27, 2019
Ohhhhhh dear! Just tried to use Jaaxy bit it's still not working properly. Clicking on the QSR just brings up retry over and over again.Any suggestions for other keyword tools?Tried a Google one that said FREE! But you couldn,t see the results with signing up for the pro version.
May 25, 2019
So everything is geared to blogging sites on here, from what I've learnt so far. But what about selling from one of my wordpress sites, can I do that?How easy is it to set up? Can't decide whether to do that on here or on my regular website.Though I still haven't got my domain from outside here yet.Anyone got a site selling actual goods?
May 24, 2019
I wrote a blog. Didn't appear in my menu. So I faffed with the menu (that's a technical term) appeared correctly in my menu, saved published, blah, blah, blah.Check website, no change. So repeat, keep trying...... still not appearing in the menu. Raaaaaargh!!! A little irritated now. Change of direction.So I go and put it into Google console. It says 'URL not in property'. Must be the menu's fault, try again with that. NOTHING!!!Now I am totally regretting getting a domain for this site because
So I did the training where you bought a domain from WA and moved the site. It went smoothly. Unlike my domain from outside.Anyway I verified in google console kept checking but apparently the posts didn't belong to the new site. Kept checking, tried to add them, wouldn't do it and said they didn't belong there.Was going to ask advice after I checked yet again and BINGO!! It let me check and index them!! Woo Hoo!!Maybe I'm too impatient but goodness me anyone would think Google had a lot to do,
Reading another blog prompted this. It reminded me that we don't have to do everything all at once. That we can take one small step at a time at our own pace and it can still lead to great things. We can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the training and excited by how much we want to learn, to reach those goals we set. Then we jump in and get overwhelmed by it all.At that point remind yourself it's okay to pause.It's okay to step back and re-evaluate. I found myself going through so many o
Seeing a blog about quitting the time wasters inspired this post.Do you control your life or does it just happen? Is time your friend or your enemy? Do you struggle to find the time to write content, update your site or sites and take part in the community?There are often ways you can create that extra time. Doyou play online games? Watch TV, box sets, films or regular programmes? Waste time scrolling throughsocial media sites to 'catch up' on what's happening?No? Are you sure? Many people comp
May 08, 2019
Logged into my site and it says I have a comment. Exciting right? I thought so at first. Except I couldn't find it. Then when I did it wouldn't open. There didn't seem to be an actual comment. I tried clicking on it but it wouldn't open.Here's a screenshot. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.