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Just when I thought I was finally understanding all the intricacies of building my website.Someone kindly reviewed my site and suggested I add a header picture.Okaaaay! But I have a header picture. Not long ago a reviewer suggested I change it, so it was definitely there then.So before responding I went and had a look ....................... and I have been fighting with it ever since.I looked and found it was like this.So I fiddled and got thisChecked from the outside still like the top one.S
September 16, 2019
Not posted for a while, been busy with new websites, researching, been on holiday etc. Though the 2 week holiday was back in August.Anyway .... I digress. Did I mention I am very good at waffling?Ooops digressing again!I have a question for all you amazing and much more experienced people out there.I am starting a dropshipping website but...... Am I better to pile loads of stuff on there or have a small selection, especially at first?I have bought quite a few items to try and test and to blog a
I was approached by message on here to sign up, hadn't been here long and assumed that was normal.Didn't do much, added some links to various blogs, some tweets etc.Have got 2 posts about it on my blog now, no stats at all despite further tweets.I became concerned doing a post on the animal products as from the admin side I couldn't access any pet products and just went round in circles.I try to get pages up and information from the admin side and there's more stuff about their convention than
August 09, 2019
Just letting you know I am off on holiday soon with the family so interaction may be sporadic during that time. I'm not ignoring you all, just not getting enough time to sneak away, lol.
August 02, 2019
WHY do you do this? What is your motivation?I just read a blog post about motivation and setting out your reasons why we do this.It really made me think about my motivation. I always say it's for my family, more disposable cash to spend on them, which it is. To work my own hours to help with childcare for my granchildren. That is also true.But after really thinking about it, I know the real reason I do this and what keeps driving me forwards.The real reason? The challenge! I love a challenge an
Did you make any life changng choices today? No?Are you sure?Every choice creates the future from the little choices to the big one. Food choices determine future health as do habits good and bad. Going to the gym, running, exercise in general. Food choices impact health. What you choose to drink, sugary drinks or water, tea or coffee, smoothies or fruit juice all effect your future self. Drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs, junk foodSpending choices, job choices, so many li
July 26, 2019
This was inspired by another blog, as is often the way, about the pro's and con's of having your own business. I found myself writing a lengthy reply and figured it could become a short blog of my own."It can be overwhelming at first, so much to learn and do and obstacles to overcome. But there is no better feeling than earning money for yourself, for your own business."You dream of arranging your hours to suit you ........ to have time for family, friends, hobbies etc. You probably saw yourse
July 21, 2019
We all strive to be free but what does it mean?It's something different for everyone I think.I read a quote I loved and the essence has always stayed with me, though I can't recall who it was from.It was: "When you no longer care what others think you have reached a greater level of freedom." or something along those lines.I thought it was so true. I have never cared what people thought of the way I looked/dressed as long as I felt good. Now as I get older I no longer care about their opinions
July 20, 2019
I read a blog this morning about adding google adsense to a WA blog. The person applied and had just got confirmation 2 weeeks later.It made me realise I hadn't added it to my WA site, so I got right on it. Added the code, sumitted it etc. Sat back pleased it was done. Then switched off, got ready and went out for lunch.Got back flicked through my emails, stopped, went back!An hour later, yes 1 HOUR later I had received the email telling me the site was ready. I didn't know Google coud move th
Was reading about SEO and up came 'alt text'. I followed the train of breadcrumbs and gathered it's to do with a description of or on images.It's supposed to describe the image. Is that right? If so, where does it go.I can't say I have noticed descriptions of any particular image, so how does it work? Or am I not being observant enough?Sometimes it's these little things like 'ads.txt file' I have gone round in circles trying to work that one out and where to put it.Then this one from google con