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December 22, 2019
Please welcome a newcomer to this wonderful world of ours. give Anthony a fantastic welcome to show what amazing people we are.Thank you all.
December 20, 2019
The last of the Christmas orders have goneand even the odd January one.Starting so early and finishing very latelack of sleep has been my fate.Decorations are up, cards are all senthope the big ones don't get bent..The food shopping is nearly doneI can start to relax and think about fun.Fun includes being right back hereready to share some Christmas cheer.Having fun is writing some blogsit beats making Yule logs.Fun is titivating all my websitesmaybe adding seasonal lights?Just being back here
November 17, 2019
So as usual I go and do twitter, the same as I do every morning. It's usually the first job.On my newest account, created in March, was the usual 8 new followers to check out and follow back. If they haven't done any tweets yet I don't follow back as I have no idea what they are going to have in their timeline Anything negative, swearing, dodgy pictures and overly religious I avoid, so no follow back there either.Anyway, I didn't do much with it at first, kept forgetting about it to be honest
November 15, 2019
Just had 2 comments from the same person under different names.When I click on the avatar of each they were the same name for the same gravatar email address. Is that even allowed?What do I do?Does it still count as a legitimate comment?Is this person conning the system?Why would you have 2 accounts?Aaaaarghhhh! Help!!
November 14, 2019
Hi fab WA folks.Getting extra busy in my other business and need to do more on my WA websites so I am going to focus on those and disappear for a bit.I love being on here on the WA platform but right now its too distracting with everything else going on. Plus its taking a big chunk of my available time so my websites are missing out on new content.Time to FOCUS totally for the next several weeks.I WILL be BACK!!!!.
November 10, 2019
I dream of many thingsso much that my heart sings.I want little, just more timeI cannot find it in a rhyme.I want a month, is that too muchTo do what I want and such.Is your dream the same as minewanting to create something fine?I really dream of a whole month to myself with nothing more to do than work on my business and come in here to WA.Actually I would settle for a whole week to myself. No demands, no commitments, just me in my office, doing food only when I want it.I sit here dreaming and
Having just read a post by ClaudiaAlex1 about feeling overwhelmed by everything and wondering if it was normal I thought a post was in order.Years ago I started a craft business online. I thought it would be simple. Open the shop, put my creations on there and sell them. Yep, I was naive.I learnt there was much more to know but others helped, I asked again and again and got answers from people who were paying it forward. They had help and helped others in turn.This is going somewhere honest, it
October 31, 2019
Much Gratitude.Just noticed I have just gone over 1,000 followers. That is amazing and crept up so fast. How did I not notice how high it was getting before?I suppose we don't really pay attention to details like that being so busy learning and building.However, now I have noticed, I thank you all very muchI am grateful for all the support and help you have given me over the last 6 months. As a community, you are all amazing. When you are new it makes such a difference to discover the community
October 31, 2019
YES! - In your own Unique Way!I truly believe that we are all perfect in a way that is unique to us, each one of us as an individual.There is no standard of perfection, though the media would like to tell us this.Instead it is an individual thing in just the way we see as beauty, cleverness, etc, etc.This is why 200 people, or many more, can write about the same topic and it will be different, especially if they allow the real person, the real them as an individual, to come through.Everyone has
October 24, 2019
All I keep hearing is how scary/bad/useless/time wasting and other words about social media. WHY?So you haven't tried it? It's NOT scary!You write content and want visitors to read the content. Do you wait months or make a bit of effort to build a social media following and get traffic now as well as in the future with SEO?Yes it can be a time waster but doesn't have to be. TWITTER: The quickest and easiest to start with.Don't go to read stuff, get there, check new followers, follow them back a