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March 23, 2020
Okay, a pep talk.There have been lots of posts on the world situation and some don't like it. The posts that is, not the world situation .... although actually nobody likes that either... hmmm. Digressing.They are right and wrong. People need reassurance, especially if they live alone and are isolated, having to stay in their homes.That is normal as many are panicking.Having said that, this is a business platform with rules. Rules can be relaxed though in extraordinary situations like this.EVER
Hmmm just been told I cannot have this content published as it is already published elsewhere.As many blogs on WA are very similar each day, using the same theme over and over this does seem ludicrous. I have just written this and its based on my own experience. Adding this top part allowed it to be published.Original post.I was travelling home by train, tube and train again this morning. I noticed roads are quiet, stations are quiet and not many passengers. 'Of course' you may say, so what!Th
Well I saw Kyle's blog on whats coming first of all the changes happening here at Wealthy Affiliate in the coming months. So I thought I would write a blog post on my website about it. Good call I thought. Got it finished and published and advertised. Result, very well pleased with myself.Then I noticed a message on my profile. It was from Petra reminding me that information on my posts would need to be changed. I was grateful for the reminder and decided to get it over and done with.Several h
January 24, 2020
Beware mini rant.Getting fed up with the way social media is dismissed as no good.It's always talk about 2 options, organic traffic and paid advertising.WHY would you pay and keep on paying when you have excellent tools at your fingertips.It is an excellent tool BUT you need to take the time and effort to build it up.Once you get to 10,000 or so followers on twitter it takes on a life of its own and followers just keep growing. You do still need to work at it, just like anything else.If you mak
January 15, 2020
So have had 3 site Feedback comments recently, all very generic.But what to do?I don't want to report it as spam, I am sure they mean well and marking it spam seems too harsh. Why isn't there a REFUSE button or something of the sort for site feedback.If I make no response does that mean a refusal?Will I still be able to get proper critiques on my site or does that mean that 3 are wasted?I put various questions into the questions box but it seems to be all about how to GIVE site feedback properl
January 12, 2020
In the university that is life, every day is a school day. If it's not then it should be, especially here. Here we learn something new every day, actually severl new things every day.If you don't want to learn then you are in the wrong place.If you have no desire to give up your spare time to work hard to build a better future, then again, you are in the wrong place.Many come, decide its too hard and give up, only to return later, wishing they hadn't given up so easily, knowing they would be so
January 02, 2020
Success often comes down to something as simple as believing in yourself.Its like that old saying: If you think you can, you are right.If you think you can't you are right.Its having a vision of what you want and totally believing you can do it. Because you can. I believe in you. Do You?If you tell yourself something often enough it becomes true.We constantly reprimand ourselves for the things we do or become convinced we will fail.Not surprising then when we do.We each create our world with ou
January 01, 2020
If you have a hard believing in yourself, then this is for you.You CAN do this. You are strong, stronger than you know.You have greater depth than you believe right now.Your intelligence knows no bounds, set it free.This is YOUR life, live it the way you want to.Rules are made to be broken, boundaries can be changed and/or and dissolved altogether.Look in the mirror and smile at the new you.YOU are invincible!Create your future the way you want it to be.Hard graft now, to create that better li
December 31, 2019
HAPPY NEW YEAR and New Decade to one and all.Wishing you great success in every aspect of your life in 2020. I hope it brings all you wish for and more.
December 24, 2019
Wishing You and Yours a magical Christmas.Without a bit of magiclife would be dull and tragic.We need sparkle and lightand everything bright.Celebrate the diversityof lifes universityand practice an attitudeof continuing gratitude.Happiness will fill your lifeand gradually all the strifewill fade away and you will seefeeling pure joy is the best way to be.MERRY CHRISTMASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!