Life goes on!

Last Update: March 29, 2020

Okay, a pep talk.

There have been lots of posts on the world situation and some don't like it. The posts that is, not the world situation .... although actually nobody likes that either... hmmm. Digressing.

They are right and wrong.

People need reassurance, especially if they live alone and are isolated, having to stay in their homes.That is normal as many are panicking.

Having said that, this is a business platform with rules. Rules can be relaxed though in extraordinary situations like this.

EVERYTHING passes. Trust me it always does!

Look at the year 1999 to 2000.

When it clicked over at midnight into the new century, thanks to scaremongering, many thought life as we knew it would be over. All communications would be dead, internet gone, conputers dying. It was one of the biggest non events ever. Date and time changed, world continued.

How about December 2012? You must remember that! The world was going to end!

The kids were terrified, many adults too. I didn't pay attention until the teenage grandchildren at that time came with their friends to sit at my table. None of the usual joking about just some small talk. They actually thought the world was going to end and that everything was pointless.

I soon put them right but the media was deliberately scaring people and there was so much about it online and all negative.

BUT the world didn't end we are all here. It won't end now either.

So stop reading the negative stuff put your positive head on and see the opportunity you have here.

HELP Others

Source things that people need and write posts. Think of things pople can do to pass the time besides TV. Write about good books, find starter kits for crafts, jigsaw puzzles, games they can play with the kids, crafts the kids can do.

We can't go out and about at the minute but we can help in the way we know best, via our websites.

Fear paralyses, having a purpose releases the paralysis.

Life goes on!

SO get to work!

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Mick18 Premium
We definitely need this. As you say life goes on, let's get to work. That's the attitude I started my week with too. Thanks, Linda.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Mickey, glad it helped.
heljam404A Premium
I second your emotions Linda thanks for a great post.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Robert, glad you liked it.
Sui_generis Premium
Thank you for this post. I'm trying to rid gloom and doom from here as well. Fear paralyses.....YES, it does and NO good decisions can be made from that.


Linda103 Premium
Thank you Debbi.
Kav Premium
I don't understand why people are offended.
Knowledge destroys ignorance.
I did benefit from the posts I read and it made me do further research which has been beneficial.
Thanks for the call to action.
This too will pass!
Linda103 Premium
Perhaps they are fed up with hearing about it.Or just feel WA should only be about business.
You are welcome, thank you.
Everything passes.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very valid points, and I love your CALL TO ACTION, Linda!

Keep safe, my friend!

Linda103 Premium
Thank you Jeffrey. You stay safe too.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Will do, Linda! Keep Safe!