Every cloud has a silver lining.

Last Update: March 16, 2020

Hmmm just been told I cannot have this content published as it is already published elsewhere.

As many blogs on WA are very similar each day, using the same theme over and over this does seem ludicrous.

I have just written this and its based on my own experience. Adding this top part allowed it to be published.

Original post.

I was travelling home by train, tube and train again this morning. I noticed roads are quiet, stations are quiet and not many passengers.
'Of course' you may say, so what!

This is all helping the environment. The daily pollution will be greatly reduced for weeks, possibly months. That is good news for the planet (silver lining).

Here at WA many will be confined to their homes with more time to work on websites and training (silver lining).
This may seem a little harsh while people are suffering but what is the other option?

Staring at news channels increasing your fear and immobilising your thought processes. this does not help you, your families or anyone else.

Life goes on, don't live in fear. Yes there are restrictions but find the good in each day. Find things to be grateful for, like spending time with your family.

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WilsonP Premium
Hi Linda, Great post, particularly the last paragraph, 'Life goes on, don't live in fear...….'
Keep safe and well.

Linda103 Premium
Thank you Wilson, glad you liked it.
Fear does nothing except paralyse us. Its better to get past it and get on with life despite restrictions.
debzo Premium
This is a situation we have very little control over. The only thing we can control is ourselves and I think looking for the silver linings is a great idea. My husband said last night, "I'd quite enjoy being locked dow for fourteen days, we could work on our Internet project.

This is also a good lesson in faith and resilience. I think a pandemic was bound to happen at some point and we should be grateful that this one isn't very serious for most people.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Deb, I agree. I think that is what scares people, the lack of control.
There is always something good. There are so many that have stepped up to help others without any thought of a return. They vastly outnumber those trying to profiteer from the situation.
Fear is not an option for me, nor panic.
It will all pass everything always does, good and bad.
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Linda, great post! Taking some time for reflection is often useful in situations like these. Just stopping for a while and thinking around a situation and you can usually find a postitive somewhere? Even if it's 'Ooops... won't do that again!'
Thanks for your your timely advice! Sue 😊
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Sue, am glad to help. Families, in the main, are getting on better. They have to rely on each other which pushes petty annoyances away.
Fear paralyses, which we don't need as we have extra time to spend on our businesses now.
Carson2 Premium
Very nice Linda. Who needs sour grapes?
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Carson.
heljam404A Premium
Enjoyed your post thanks for sharing.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Robert, glad to help.