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Last Update: April 12, 2020

Reading another post about perspective got me thinking.

Yes I knowm its a painful idea, that thinking lark, making those cogs turn just when you have got into the more laid back life.

So Darren of DarrenNicola said about looking at websites with a different perspective if something wasn't working well. Click on the name to see the post.

I realised that for many who are not doing well with confinement, a different perspective could help.

Look at this time as an extra holiday, an opportunity to really give your business a boost. Maybe look at it from the idea that should this happen again, the next time you wont be worried about your job or coming into contact with people on a commute because your work will be right where you are now at home.

Is it likely to happen again, of course. Even this one, COVID-19, will very likely rear its head again in smaller bouts.

I would imagine that next time an unknown virus appears many places will take measures much faster.

So where does that leave YOU? Apart from washing your hands continually.


Right where you should be at home with a viable business because this time, when you had no choice except to stay home, you knuckled down and started churning out the content to fill your websites.

You worked on your social media, for a change of pace, to build your following anf bring more traffic.

Her we are into the 4th week of lockdown. How many posts have you added to your website, how many niggling problems have you ironed out since being at home? You know, those ones you are going to get to later when you have more time.

This is the Time. RIGHT NOW!!

It's no good saying you can't focus or concentrate because if that's ther case how will you ever work from home at your business.

NO excuses. NO I'll do it later. NO more, I'll just watch the news again.

WELL? What are you waiting for?

GET TO WORK!! Be productive and get that business working for you.

Be excited that this is a brilliant opportunity to build your website out, to fill it with content and learn all those things that will help.

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Twack Premium
This is where the adage 'There's no time like the present' comes into it's own. I seem to be busier now than I have been for months, even if some of it isn't work related.
Perfectly timed and poignant post Linda, thank you.
Linda103 Premium
Exactly Twack. But that busyness is working towards a purpose even if you don't realise what yet.
Glad you liked it, it just seemed appropriate with so many focused outwards on what they have lost, rather than inwards on what they have gained and could be doing.
Twack Premium
That last point you made is so true, I am sure it is part of the 'human condition' and probably what holds many back and also stops them from finding true happiness.
Linda103 Premium
I agree. It is certainly part of the modern human condition or was.
CordeliaN Premium
Ohh Linda, I am loving the maternal telling off...
Quite right of course, brilliant advice, let’s get cracking... ☺️
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Cordelia, that made me laugh and reminded me of the way my lot roll their eyes, sigh and say, yes you are right, getting on with it now.
Just kind of hoping that people will stop thinking of what they have lost, freedom of movement and focu on what they have gained, a lot of time to get their businesses really off the ground.
JeannetteZ Premium Plus
I love your post Linda. I came to the same conclusion a while ago and adapted my schedule accordingly.
Thank you and with gratitude
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Jeannette, you are clearly ahead of the game on the road to success. Well done.
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
Great advice Linda. As of now I haven't made the best use of extra time available due to the current lockdown. Those who are taking advantage are wise. I intend to do likewise starting tomorrow, Monday in my part of the world.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Valerie. It can be so easy to get caught up in other things or focus on the freedom of movement we have lost instead of focusing on what we have gained, the amount of time to work on our businesses.
Joes946 Premium
Great post Linda. Yes, perspective is being disciplined.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Joe, that's exactly right.